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I seldom have that kind of dreams that why it was interesting to me...

I was travelling somewhere and i saw the accident of the tram.. It was almost flat, like something has fallen on it, people didnt have chance to survive... It was shocking and i couldnt look at it for so long... Then im at the place, seems like a hostel... I was with other girls there, but we had beds on the long corridor, there were a few beds... I was lying in one and somehow belt!!!! started to move over my body like a snake, it was weird but wasnt scary... I didnt feel any fear in that dream... I treat the belt like a kinda animal... Then seems like I have fallen asleep... But I didnt wake up in same bed, I woke up in another at the end of corridor.. wondering what im doing here... So I was walking towards my bed and I saw something there, wrapped in white cloth... I uncovered it and it turned out to be woman's head... and next to it were a hands or fingers (not sure)... I got scared that someone will think I did it, woke up the girls and showed it to them...

Then i remember other stuff like something was trying to get connection with me, to get my attention... the lines moving towards me from the end of corridor on the floor, so i had to avoid them and blood coming out from the floor... And I just had enough of that "games" I was standing at the end of corridor and shouted " Show me yourself, I want to talk with u" and then huge red figure showed at the other end of corridor... and In that moment I WOKE UP! lol hahah so I didnt get answer...

its typical, i always wake up in the best moment... ;)

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Comment by Cye Sagemoon on September 29, 2011 at 4:47pm
thats interesting....go to for intel on what symbols of your dreams mean. :)
Comment by Alex Nicoletti on September 29, 2011 at 8:15pm
Wow what a Dream. A few years back I use to do dream weaving. The key is to trance into a dream and once you get there look at your hands. Hands are the chakra of creation. In the dream world you have the power to create it, explore it and have no fear. Beware you may meet other dream weavers and not all of them are nice.
Comment by Moon on September 30, 2011 at 12:26pm
Thats sounds interesting Alex... I never did dream weaving before...
Comment by Alex Nicoletti on September 30, 2011 at 12:51pm

Dreams like all things in our collective reality are multidimensional. They have psychological meanings; mystical meanings and they are also another world. And again Moon beware if you consciously & purposely venture into it, it is much like the awake reality (minus all the easy magic) it has nice weavers and some that are not so nice. I don’t go there anymore although I do miss the flying (however I still were not ably to walk through walls). The main reason I don’t go there anymore is because it is not restful, when I would awake after a night of adventure it is as if I did not sleep and I’m normally high energy and it was a drag-literally!       


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