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Last week I kept having a dream, all it was, was an image of my temperature gauge in my car hitting 260. That was it, just that image. Because last summer when it hit 107 around here in Southeast Oklahoma, I was always having problems, and so I got a brand new radiator.

But everytime it even acted like it wanted to overheat, I would get nervous and panic because I hate being stranded, matter of fact I don't know anyone who enjoys it... unless they really don't want to go to work, or they just didn't mind, but in the heat I still doubt anyone would enjoy it. & I would also do that in my dream, panic and get nervous. I'd wake up with a crazy heart beat.

I drive a 1994 Camaro, so it is older & it came out of a junkyard, it has issues. But my sisters boyfriend and I painted it lime green, with peace signs on the side and it's got hand painted pinstripes, he looks good, I mean physically yeah, but underneath it's a jalopy. (I gave him the name, the Greenman lol.) So as you can see, I love my car. I grew up around cars, my dad was a mechanic/paint & body man. So I just adore them.

Back to the dream, of it overheating. Today while I was running errands (while it was 95ish outside) my car finally overheated, I had been waiting on it. But conveniently I was right up the road from home. Because for some reason, I decided against stopping for gas when I was suppose to. But for some reason, I drove right passed the gas station. But if I would've stopped, I probably would have been further away when this happened.

Well, luckily I coasted into my drive way, lost all oil pressure and spewed anti-freeze.

My baby is sick, but later this afternoon once it cools off abit me and dad are going to work on it.


Oh that reminds me, I've been having dreams about snakes too, anyone know what that's about? Also about spiders, but not spiders on the floor or anything, most all of them I dream about are hanging from the ceiling above me while I'm trying to sleep, in my dream.

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Comment by Ms.Pouncer-Curiousier&Curiousier on June 28, 2012 at 7:56pm

Are you having issues with a friend? Or are you insecure about a certain friend being unloyal? It sounds like it is warning you or someone who is being two faced with you... someone who thinks they are better than you or looks down on you (even jokingly...?) maybe you suspect them but you are not wanting to see it for some reason.....?

sorry if this is way out in left field :P

Comment by Ariel Olivia on June 29, 2012 at 12:03am

Actually, that is creepily right on. I have been having problems with a friend, we were friends for a little over 7 years and then suddenly I found out she had been stealing from me & lying to me. We've disconnected completely, because of this. But I wanted so badly for it to not be true... it gave me chills reading your comment lol. Thank you so much, for shedding some light on this subject. Maybe I can let these feelings rest, that way I can actually get some real rest at night.


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