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A couple of nights ago, I dreamt that my older sister died in a car accident and it just felt SO REAL.  Tho, I don't think it's a psychic dream.  I receive two different types of psychic dreams.

1.) If I dream about something all the time, it is either a psychic dream, wishing thinking, or a spirit toying with me. :(

2.) When a dream is SO REAL.   Like I time traveled into the future.

Well, I still don't think the death of my sister is a psychic dream.  I still don't think so.  Even if it is, well, nothing I could do about it.   But when I looked up "Death of a loved one" here's the translation.

It means that they have attributes that you desire.  Well, I wish to be more like Taka.  Taka is an Aries from the band ONE OK ROCK.  I wish I was more fiery.  And I think I've been developing these attributes from my bitch of a co-worker.  My co-worker and I CONSTANTLY FIGHT to the point that my boss ignores my complaints.  Or seems to ignore my complaints.  So, I mostly just fend of myself.  At first, I was just a typical Pisces.  I got hurt.  I wanted to cry.  Typical. Typical Pisces. 

But now, I stood up for myself and told her off and I felt GREAT.  I think I did a good job telling her off.  The boss never does anything anyway.  I mean, he is ignoring complaints now.  And every complaint is being ignored and going unnoticed, both hers and mines, so I was like F it.  And I just told her off and tried to refrain from smiling because it just felt so damn good.  But I didn't cuss her out.  God, I wish. But cussing her out would probably get me fired.  She wants to points out the "mistakes" I make. So, I point out all the mistakes she makes.  I pointed out each and every single last error she makes at work.  And damn it felt good. I also pointed out that I am the 2nd person (as far as I know) that couldn't get along with her. 

And my recovery time is quicker :D  I would normally have a bad week over this.  But now, I'm just as happy as could be.  This is fast recovery time.  And *hit, I just feel so good.  Even when she was yelling at me and screaming at me.  I just stood my ground and yelled and screamed back, but without getting lost in my emotions.  So, it just feel so good.  It is SO MUCH BETTER than keeping my emotions bottled up. Yay!!!  So, I guess the death of my sister means that I am becoming as fiery as I want.  My sister is a Sagittarius.  But I like Taka's fieriness more.  He's an Aries, and well, all Aries are different.  Like to say what you have to say without insults.  To keep it a bit classy.  Well, a bit.  No need for name-calling and cussing.

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