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Dreams that haunt your waking thoughts
Days that haunt your sleeping dreams
Till one blends into the other and
You are adrift in your own Consciousness

Running down Temple hallways Seeking
Ways to smooth the pathway for
Those That Come
Those That are Ancient Yet Young
And are HERE to make the Changes

One dusty Tome after another
Ancient Scrolls stacked here and There
Banging my Etheric Head on Cosmic Tables
There MUST be a WAY

The Mass Consciousness so Tight
So Little Space to Bring through
What will Change the Impossibilities
As they Jam their collective Heads together
In massive Fearful Agony...

Feeding the Great Teeth of Darkness
Giving it Power and Control
Not Knowing they are their OWN Manifest Destiny
Their own Thoughts, Their own Daydreams Creating
Their Experience

But They Deny...and So Fear
Has Taken HOLD and I pound
with my Ancient Tiny Fists
Trying to break holes into the Light Fields

To flood and Ease the Pain of the YOUNG ones
Who did not come here to Wallow in Mud and Misery
Yet wake each day to more Depravity and Insanity
How do I sooth them...

Here in the Planes of Magick I am Endlessly
Creative. Fire dances on my Fingertips and Light
Shoots from my EYEs.
My deepest Dream's to Bring the Beauty

Touch the Souls, EASE the suffering
Sing the Joy, Play with Creation
Dream the dreams
and Have the Dreams dream me.

Aluramia (L. Ross)

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