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So I have unique dreams fairly regularly. generally one of 3 reoccurring dreams of things past.  Recently I had one that left me completely dumbfounded, and I could use some help on where to get more info or explanations. 


I stand before a wall or rock face that stretches further than the eye can see to the left and right.  The wall goes what appears to be vertical to the sky, which is full of lightning and clouds, and it seams to be dark but not night. where I stand is flat and smooth, and I sense a "stream" to my back, but they are both black.  The wall before me is perfectly black and comprised of figures of ravens trapped in the stone mid-motion, flying as well as cawing.  The wall is smooth and black, no cracks or breaks anywhere in its surface beyond the opening where you would imagine a gate to be, but there is no gate.  I simply don't see inside.  As I stand there looking up as far as I can see a woman comes up behind me.  I don't look away or acknowledge her presence but I can see her perfectly.


The woman is very pale and is dressed in an all black gown that seems to shift at the angle you look at it from, and at an indirect glance it is made of raven feathers.  If you look directly at it, it changes to a shadowy fabric.  Her hands are covered but I can not tell if by gloves or not, and her black hair covers her shoulders.  I know she is pretty, but not in a way that would arouse.  I wake as she is whispering into my ear from over my shoulder.

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