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Life is a witch than u into the fresh flowing breeze lift off from earth through the trees.. with spiritual guidance from your choice witching hour a time to rejoice.... Into your circle u cast for safety.. casting maliciously so effects set in.... Light fills from head to toe. Consideration in at its peak so strong never weak. Carefully speaking with magical enchantment with elements all around with them you are one never speaking for play nor for fun. Becoming full of greatness like your elders in the near past every word every flick of the wrist making your objective potent to last... Goddess or god with u hand in hand the emotions running no thriving in your blood opens each chakra 1 to 7. Now your a witch doing wat white magic does best......coming to a calming finish tingling slowly fades thriving blood to diminish..... accomplishments within the book of shadows with more skill and confidence close your circle center from within leaving anticipation for wats next..... Complex is this life at times unforseen but this is u with every spell better than the last just be you a proud witch for the good of mother earth and atmospheric charges will fill u up to fulfilment of a caster, a withc, a child of earth.....

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