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I so need to get this off my chest: Eclectic witch is not a bad word. Some practitioners fail to understand that witches can be called by many deities and spirits. Yes I am a witch who incorporates both Hoodoo and Voodoo into my practice. I have been called by my gods, some Lwa, as well as the Gede. I came to all with both reverence and respect, also as a witch, not as an initiate of Voodoo. I don't understand what is so hard for some practitioners to grasp. I do not tend, exclusively, to the altars of specific pantheons as I have equal respect for all that I serve. I do not compartmentalize my practice to fit anyone's tradition(s), as I have my own. I do what I do, and it should be left at that. I have not been reprimanded by Gods nor Spirits for anything I have done and I certainly do not answer to ANYONE on this plane in regard to my craft. My practice works for me and that's the end of it.

A word of advice to all practitioners, new and seasoned: Do not let anyone tell you how to practice. If you work with multiple pantheons, or be it. You're worth as a witch is not determined by another practitioner or some online troll.

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