Embarking on a personal growth journey

I believe a spiritual check is due in my life. I am beginning to set up the ability to take something of a hiatus from school from January-August of next year, but why not get started now!? I have begun a life regression to study my own youth, and will expand to past life analysis. I love science, but there are shadowy realms that I cannot reach by dedicating my time to my scientific research. Time to get all metaphysical up in this b. Hope everyone on their own personal journey find the wisdom and insight they need!

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Comment by Shawn Cameron yesterday

This sounds like a very fascinating journey for you! 

as I fellow scientist and metaphysical believer I offer you this simple advice that will probably have come naturally to you whether I said anything or not...

*hem* don't forget the scientific method and the importance of data logs and research. As someone with a scientific mind, I found that approaching new journeys almost like experiments helped me stay grounded in reality, faith, and myself whenever I start doubting too much. It can also help some people stick through to the end of something when they feel like giving up, just to make sure they accumulate all the proper data from the full length of the journey.

*shrug* but maybe that is just me.


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