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We all get the feeling of pain, anger, hate, and loneliness. All of us sometimes wish that we could get rid of these feelings. But I have found that the best way to deal with these feelings, is to embrace them and use them to your advantage. Many people will tell you that building up these feelings and allowing them to take hold of you is a bad thing. But won't they wont tell you is that these feelings are a source of great power.
People who use the dark arts know how strong this power is. When you allow these feelings to influence your magick, then you will learn how to use these feelings to your advantage in every area of your life. The more pain and anger you suffer, the less you will start to care about what happens around you. You will feel like stone, with little feeling to be had.
Hate and Loneliness will stop people from hurting you and betraying you. A life filled with hate keeps those who are not of strong mind and heart away from you. Loneliness keeps you from allowing people to keep you from your goals. It keeps people out of your way. But you must learn not to keep everyone out of your life. A wife, girlfriend, etc. is still good to have. A life is not worth living without love.
But the dark form of magick will let you have power over those who wish to oppress you. It will keep you from going hungry, or from losing your home. It will keep intruders out and punish those who have hurt you and the ones you love.
So I have come to deliver this message:
Embrace the Darkness.
Let it fill you up and take part in your life. Don't shut it out and go along with what everyone tells you is good. Don't be apart of the masses. Rebel against structure, society, and stereotypes. Fight to be yourself and to keep what you hold dear.
Be the opposite of light. Be the opposite of obedient. Be what many people in the world have fought for you to be.

Be free.
Free yourself from the chains of the world, and from the judgment cast upon you by your peers. Don't let anyone or anything rule your life for you.
Fight to keep your life your own.

Don't give in.

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Comment by LadyMinde on October 24, 2017 at 2:45am
This is a good read. I remember that


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