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Energies And Connections About Love - By: Akasha Wolfhaven

Love can be the most sacred and beautiful feelings of all things, most people fear it, deny it, or run for their dear lives because most people, these days, fear that feeling and are afraid of getting hurt and refuse to open themselves to one another. The problem with most people is that they are afraid to connect to one another in soul, and when a soul connects to one another; that is where the fear comes in because most people are afraid of what the other is going to see and feel. Not only do most people fear that, they are so fixated on getting hurt that they build a wall around themselves and rather be in solitude than face the truth of their real feelings to that person. Love is a powerful feeling, and love is a word that most people, even myself because I am somewhat cynical and sarcastic, claim they hate or is their hell because they are so scared and afraid and fixated that the same thing is going to happen to them again. What most people don't understand is that love, these days, is taken for granted and some just settle and don't really connect in the way each other should, and that is the problem in most relationships and marriages or life partners, or friendships. When we meet a person, whether it is online or in real life like hanging out with friends and whatnot, we automatically feel an animal attraction, and it usually first becomes lust and most people mistake that for love. In general, love and soul connection is either grand or unacceptable to most people, and I have already explained why most people deny falling in love, and I will say it again. It is because of FEAR and JUST SETTLING WITHOUT KNOWING THE SOUL INSIDE THAT PERSON and that ends up in incompatibility problems, one always questioning their partners determining if they are the right ones for that person. The problem is with that is that animal attraction takes you in in ways that most people think they are in love when it comes down to it, it is only lust. When that happens, we do end up getting hurt and defeated and broken down because they didn't get to take out the time to explore each ether’s energies and what is really inside the soul of one another and they just settle and take it for granted. It is wrong, it is unacceptable in most cases, and most people REFUSE to fall in love or WANT TO OPEN THEMSELVES UP to one another and don't begin getting to seek out the friendship in that person and knowing if you can talk to that person about everything with no secrets, and trust is also a problem as well. There are many ways you can't trust a person in a relationship and even a friendship. For one, one can't trust them because some are what we call “infidelity” issues claiming that one is having an affair with someone or if a person of the opposite sex or same sex as well is talking to that person in a relationship even when there is nothing going on between the two people who are conversing, that person automatically assumes they are sleeping together or they are going to fall for that other person. To me, I find that an insecurity issue, and I find that kind of relationships never working out. Secondly, one can't trust the other because they have been hurt systematically by rejection or betrayal in some form, and when that happens one would rather be in solitude (and some are comfortable with that because it is their comfort zone) But, it is because they never actually had the chance to sit down, speak with the person, touch them in ways that energies are connected whether it is in friendships or lovers. Sometimes, souls automatically connect and it is automatically accepted because sometimes one can automatically have the gift of feeling, which I call “empathy” and can reach out and read that person like a book. Those are true connections in my opinion, and most even fear that and can't trust it because it scares them to know what that person is going to see and feel. What I am going to blog about is about love and friendships and how one can connect with each other by feelings of biorhythms, energies, vibrations, and communication. I am even going to discuss antarctic relationships as well because they are just as much of a connection as a one on one relationship along with friendship because tantra is both in ways. It is a deep connected friendship that one makes love to one another but it is pretty much an “open” relationship.

When we first meet that person, no matter in what circumstances, in the opposite sex or same sex whatever preference one has, they look at that person and they make eye contact like showing interest or smiling at one another across the way and they end up coming up to one another or befriending one another if it is online, and that is where animal attraction begins. They have a thirst to want to get to know that person, or in some cases want to have deep meaningful sex with that person. A mistake, even I have made and regret deeply, is some have sexual encounters when they first meet. OK, there is really nothing wrong with that in my opinion because sometimes that beast of lust comes out inside us and there is that passion of wanting that intimate connection, but the problem is they are NOT FEELING that connection when that happens it just pleasure over and over again, and in many ways that is not good because really one doesn't REALLY KNOW the other one and mostly they end up settling together and feel incomplete, confused, indifferent, or not being able to trust that person. There is a solution to this. When you first meet someone you really are interested in, the best way to do it is try to reach out to their soul, and there are ways you can do that. In my case, I can't help but automatically read the person in most cases because I am an empathic, and I can see and know things that come from within me. Anyone can do it, and all you have to do when you approach that person is look into their eyes, either greet them with a handshake, or ask them for a drink, or ask them out to dinner and a movie and begin conversing but pay attention to their bodily actions, the look in their eyes, and feel the interest in that other person and make them feel that they are important. Afterward, this is where the feelings of biorhythms and energies and vibrations should begin, and it can be an altering experience of more than just pleasure, but of fulfillment and determining if that person is right for you. For example, there are two ways of this by the way, and the first way is if you don't have any actual sexual encounters with that person is when they feel they need someone to be there for them when they are confused, having a bad time, going through something of a change, and even though you are interested in this person but they are not ready to commit or have any relationships of a loving nature with you yet, and they are interested in you but want to take their time, or they are in a relationship with someone else and one has to respect not to come between that, and in that situation the best thing to do is listen to them and speak less. Be their friend. Be their rock. Be their shoulder, and best thing is to be strong for them. You can connect energetically no matter where one and the other person is. What I do when that person is feeling bad, upset, or unhappy, or whatever is I first listen to whatever it is they have to vent their feelings about. The most important aspect is be their friend and never leave their side. Next, is to nurture that person. That is where you are going to feel the biorhythms, vibrations, and energies of this person no matter where they are. What you do is you explain to them what you are going to do. Always look them in the eyes with nurture and seriousness, and you take their hand and you put it to your chest, and make them do this because it is going to be important in the long run and that person will most likely thank you for it. Then you put your hand to their chest and feel each others heart. Feel the beats, feel what is really inside their heart. Look each other in the eyes and feel the kinetic energies of the heartbeats. If it is fast it can be because they are scared, because they are aroused, or because they are feeling that warmth and compassion of the heart of that person. Be silent, let that person talk while touching each others chest. Not only are going to feel how it beats, and how you are going to feel the energy of it through their voice, their pleas, their cries, their sorrows, and whatnot, but you are going to give that person the nurture they deserve if you are interested in that person. There is also another way, if you are interested in this person, no matter what circumstances either in friendship, lovers, seeing each other, and sadly in affairs, always look them in the eyes and let them see your concern, compassion, and caring then caress their face and gently caress their hair and take their head and hold it to your chest and wrap your arms around them. You are holding that person, you are giving them a cuddle, a hug, and you are going to feel energies that can be so kinetic that sometimes it can scare that person, but deep down inside it makes them feel great. You are holding and hugging that person and saying to them within your mind that you are here, I will hold you, I feel you, and give them a gentle kiss either on the cheek or a peck on the lips, if they are not involved with anyone that is. But if they involved with someone, do the holding anyways because when you are cuddling and holding that person you are granting them the power to reveal your interest and seriously tell them you are true person, and that you will never hurt them. So in that case, be their friend and be their nurturer. It lets them know that you are here, and that can let them know they don't have to be afraid to open themselves to you. And always, always be honest with your feelings.

Here comes the other part of it, and that is the intimate side. As I have said earlier, in most cases, when two people meet they automatically have a sexual encounter. Here is what you do, always look them in the eyes, when that person penetrates you feel them inside you let them explore your soul from inside by eye contact and the penetration they give you. Use lip contacts whether it is kissing the mouth, the neck, always caress with the lips because lip contact shows that you want to devour them and also hold their hand whether they want to put them over your head or just caress the hands while penetration occurs let them inside you, and you can feel them just by them being inside you in whatever way it occurs by oral and penetration. Eye contact is always important, caressing is important, and lip contact as well. Sometimes it can be a thrilling experience because it can be hardcore as well and even if it is hardcore that tells you right there that person wants you, wants to be inside you, and wants to be a part of your soul because when intercourse occurs in most cases you are giving that person yourself as well as they are giving themselves to you. You can automatically tell just by sexual encounters how that person really feels about you. Here is where you can tell if this person is right for you, after the encounter is over they just get up and go on about their business like nothing happened, that is not making love. If they hold you, caress your hair, lay beside you smiling at you and communicate with you caressing you while laying nude beside each other, or when it is done they lay their head down against your neck still caress or penetrating slowly inside you, then you are going to know right there, there is a connection. It tells you that person is definitely interested in you, and they may want to be in a relationship with you or they may want to take it one day at a time or whatnot, but you will know right there that they are going to be loyal, faithful, devoted, and in to you. When intercourse occurs, you are going to know right there during penetration, and if they don't show eye contact and they just penetrate you fast and quickly and the penetration is pretty much slamming you inside and out like bang, bang, bang. You are going to know that person is not interested in falling in love with you or wanting a deep seated commitment with you, and even if you are involved with this person that is going to tell you they are not the right one. All they wanted was pleasure. So, always use eye contact, feel the way they penetrate you and if it is a nice rhythm that YOU enjoy, and you climax deeply and can't control the feeling, and the way they want to touch you and pleasure you, and you can do the same by another position of penetration, it is going to be an experience of a lifetime, and you are not only going to be fulfilled by pleasure, you are getting that intimate nurture and feeling you always desired.

Now, there are also tantra relationships as well. Being tantra is basically an “open” relationship, but it is mainly a deep seated friendship. There are some people who are into that, and enjoy being “free” in that sense, but just because one is in a tantra relationship does not mean they do not love you or care about you, whoever they have intercourse with or have the same kind of relationship with the feelings with those partners are all supposed to be “equal.” One doesn't love one more than the other, it is all the same love. Those relationships one loves one just as much as they love the other one and so on. There is no competition, comparison, For example, in high school I heard this story from my high school literature teacher about the Shakespeare era. In those times, there were many tantra relationships, and there is this bench located either in London or somewhere in England where two people who are friends went and had intercourse to seal the fate of their friendship. Many people did it at that time, and William Shakespeare had a female best friend. What most people know or don't know was that William Shakespeare was a homosexual and had a love for a man and his female best friend was aware of this, I believe, but it did not matter. William Shakespeare and his female best friend sealed their fate of friendship by having intercourse on that bench, and knowing he had a love for a man she ended up pregnant with his child, and from what I was told the child was conceived on that bench where they sealed the fate of their friendship. In a way that is considered sex magick. Tantra is more spiritually relations because it goes deeper because not only are the partners best friends, but they also desire each other by having intercourse for ritualistic or magickal reasons, and it is not just having desire for each other but it is a different kind of energy that goes beyond friendship. They are best friends, but they have a love and understanding of one another's freedom and feel that having intercourse with others is easier. Yes, tantra is very complicated in many forms, but it is a bond that goes beyond love. It isn't just love that they feel for one another, it is a deep seated friendship that is used to enhance power, to prove their love and friendship, and no mater what it is all “equal.” One doesn't love one more than the other, it is all the same. Some feel that being in tantra relationships gives them the freedom of exploration and see the relationship as partners of understanding, freedom, and taboo if you call it that. It can be of the same sex or opposite sex, doesn't matter. Tantra is a loving form of relationship, even though it is a different type of relationship, and most people do not understand tantra and its rules of it. Tantra is more like a fun loving freedom type of relationship, and usually in tantra it is more spiritual than a regular relationship with someone. There is nothing wrong with that in my opinion, but they feel the same biorhythms, energies, and vibrations just as much as a friendship, one on one relationship, and whatnot. Most people do not agree with tantra because some feel it isn't natural, and it is wrong morally. Most people want one on one basis, and there is also nothing wrong with that either. To each their own is what I say about it. Some men dream of tantra because some are so open minded and free to it that they can have their cake and eat it too more or less.

So, to wrap this up, the best way you know you are going to be with the right person whether they are your friend, lover, or whatnot is to be their friend, be their rock, and be their shoulder for one. And always use eye contact to look into their eyes because it is true that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and show them nurture by giving them a nurture cuddle or hug or even a delicate kiss or caress on the face or hair. It is not only a hug but it is a matter of showing them that they can understand you, and that you want them to feel important because they are, and you want to feel them as much as they do deep down inside. Energies, biorhythms, and vibrations, and even actions are going to tell you if that person is the right person for you in friendships of the opposite sex, same sex, and whatever applies, but if you show that person your interest, and if you can tell if that person is interested in you or not by what I have explained, those are the ways to do it. If they are afraid, don't make them afraid, don't be forceful, but gently make them understand. And always listen and speak less. Let them vent out their feelings, let them know they can talk to you, cry to you, and let their feelings out. If most people didn't have fears of getting hurt, or not being able to trust, or afraid of what they may see and feel for that person and there is a connection by soul, then most are missing out on a wonderful opportunity because when you feel that kinetic energy in a person, it is amazing. When you automatically connect to a person just by reading them, and in most cases it will automatically come natural to you with certain people, you felt their vibes and energy. So, in closing remember these things and once you begin to understand all of these feelings, it will beat that fear and you will be free in ways of finding that right person for you. So look into their eyes and pretend you are stargazing. Make them touch you or you touch them in the way I have explained and pretend you are sunbathing. No matter what type of relationship one has with one another, those energetic feelings are going to be there through what I have explained, and you are going to know whether or not this person is for you.

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