How Much Energy Does It Take? Defi(defy) Deity: Explain, Common: Average, Sense: Aware Focus: Point in optical system at which energy converge or form which they appear or diverge. Calorie: Amount of energy(heat) needed to raise the temperature of per gram of water by one degree, 4.184 joule equals one calorie. Thought: Act, Power, Process of idea, possibility, thinking... About 100 billion neurons form about 100 trillion neural connectors about 3 times the amount of the heart uses. Brain accounts for about 20% of energy requirements. Basal metabolic rate is about 150 Keal Calories. Brain uses about 300 Keal Calories per day, .0035 Keal Calories per second. As the vibrations of the patterns of energy come into contact with another set of vibrations of energy patterns “creating” a sensation. When it touches form. The vibrations of the energy pattern(s) is the perceived by the sense. To be analyzed, deciphered, so forth by the mind of the being. ( might also be an aspect dealing with the spirit. ) As it goes through the process of emotion, and/or thought to determine its perception of negative, neutral, positive. To which power, and exercise of the will as the consciousness awakens, comes into contact with the change, invasion, and or new of another energy field outside of its own. Which breaks down through the body, mind and or spirit. ( Possibly an aspect installed with in the body, mind, spirit spectrum of things. Which seems to be a base form of action, emotion, feeling, form, perception, thought, volition, and so forth that is in this process. ) Which from the way I have perceived it, of being, existence, life. It seems most things with the “ vital animating energy, essence of an entity.” That one refers to as “spirit.” Which makes up of being, existence, living etc... It seems that the “main, or root driving force,” which appears to,be survival. To where survival creates competition. Under survival it seems the two breed, and consume to be an equivalent. Breed, and consume seem to be the major shoots of survival. Out of survival to of which many compete for. Along the road as one travels back, and forth. To where that evasion happens. Evade of one aspect, or another. As one journeys from breed to consume. Back, and forth on the road one evades what one perceives to cause some form of suffering: death, fear, pain, etc.... While picking aspects that lead to pleasure or neutral sensation upon one's self. This is often where labeling begins. Labels are used to identify, often for references. Often one places too much energy into labeling is used to identify. ( To identify a toxin is great. For example, Hey that plant that this girl/guy at, and fell over dead. Maybe one should take note, lets call this hemlock, so we remember it. Plant: hemlock: toxin: poison: ingested: death. So one labels it with a word and descriptions. ( This is hemlock, it looks like this, it does this if one ingests it. ) To identify a poisonous plant is great. To label it with a name, and description. For its intended purpose deals with an aspect of survival. The labeling, with description, and name is for one to identify what one is with the reasons for survival. A safety measures not to consume( eat drink etc..) to go near or other things. This over here is okay to consume or go near. Other than this labeling does not seem to show a beneficial purpose it is apart of survival. For determination of danger, and safety. Often based on the rhythmic cycles of energy patterns within all, and ones samskaras.

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