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Evil Eye Removal and Repel

You will need Tamarisk (Salt Cedar) good sized stick, maybe around 1ft in length, or more. It is really up to you.

A pinch of Alum or Salt

A small well contained fire outside.

1. Place a piece of tamarisk wood and either a pinch of salt or a pinch of alum in a pan over a fire.

2. The patient or victim must walk around it seven times.

3. As soon as a crackling sound is heard, the spell is broken.

Remember SAFETY first. Please make sure you have completely contained. Keep water handy just in case. Follow your local laws regarding fire procedures, Some areas have "no outdoor fire" days. So be careful!

I love you all!!!!! Dark kisses, hard bites and straight jacket hugs!!!

"Spend your life searching for the magic in everything" Lady Grey

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