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Emotional Pain is not part of our Natural State. This means that all Beliefs which cause us Emotional Pain are necessarily Invalid Beliefs. Invalid Beliefs can also be caused by Deceptions and Spells (a Lie Believed is a Spell), and these can cause us pain and affect our behavior.

Introspection is the process of questioning ourselves to find Invalid Beliefs as well as to find the Valid Replacement Beliefs we want to use as our new beliefs.

During Introspection, we can use our Logic + Imagination - in our Natural State we will always use the two together - to figure out relevant questions, find the answers, and to discover new beliefs we hadn’t considered before.

Some examples of questions to ask for psychically healing Emotional Pain - Why do I feel this pain? - What is the lie/deception that is causing me to feel this pain? - How can I control how I feel about what is happening?

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Comment by Consuelo Figueroa on February 8, 2019 at 8:19pm

Goodness might've just stay boring then. Damn high frequencies >:/


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