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The energy that keeps us alive comes from dreaming to argue whether it is just food combustion or that we have a soul and the soul is what channels the energy every living form needs to dream or they die,hence all my blogs stating that the soul is formed while dreaming which channels energy ibto the crystal bone which acts like a battery i think when your born the soul has a foundation made up of specific people they are what call you back to this dimension and can not really be replaced there are your parents and best friends,the friendship part makes up a vessel a real ship to travel, some things were never meant to happen or would just be too complicated the difference between friendship family or relationships is a thin line which ever way a person makes an effort to them is the utmost president everyone works towards an agenda to believe in something pray with monk like fashion or to be a media peasant someone who knows nothing else but to be constricted within emotional weakness about nothingness.

words change nothing it is only some fragile movement stirring as a electric fusion should language takes utmost belief and effort then shows itself only as an echo yet to focus this to see a force that controls the universe,laughter is the best medicine and to consider the mins and soul are a different form to the physical body one is eternal the other just material, pain exists set by those entities that want to replace me as a living form, god acts like a weapon always trying to cause problems humility is everything to give value even towards people trying to be inspirational rational,as people flesh and blood vessels that house a divine spark of energy the mystery of being alive could just be enough  so the focus was one of a child love unconditional or belated by any other emotional dribble five past lives influence the self at any one to see good in all things through a curtain of pain problems,to escalate something consider options end scenario scenarios,looking for signs that can climb mountains funny renditions little by little imagining a new beginning never ending,shining light of inspiration moment miracles time and in those past lives i failed or just manipulating material waves to create something from nothing non existent to practice what you preach those that say your wasting time praying like an idiot to make a spiritual connection maybe create what is considered special,a reason to push myself into your attention when the atmosphere of physical condition causes negative reactions,what should i say into which subject would be the best form of communication.

Lying to yourself pretending it is a worthwhile preoccupation,the reaction of crystal with cosmic forces forming a star formation seems the motive of today.that keeps us alive comes from dreaming to argue whether it is just food combustion or that we have a soul and the soul is what channels the energy,maybe the twinkling stars are each of us when in deep sleep.sweet nothings moments of trust stupidity and miracles a basis of existence meanings of being human,hope in healing strength of dreaming reasons that cause a lapse in intelligence to define averages dwelling on a constant reality to have nothing be preyed on by predators,institution waves of expected reaction seeing into a mirror of eternity signs of rebirth end of life reminders,to think it real make things happen then wonder why confusion dictates actions writing about individual expectations but about what is the question after all is said and done all it is dictation and word repetition

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