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I must say it was a very nice family reunion and well we had a long trip from the Reedsburg, WI area to the Elgin, ILL. Still nice to see a lot of people. We had a little bit of excitement though, as my son was playing with a risby it hit a tree all of a sudden a raccoon fell out and died right there. The fact that a raccoon was wondering around means he was very ill. Not only that he was bad enough that he was probably dying right there on the tree and fell when it lost its grip at that moment. All he did was come running to me yelling "MOM MOM THERE IS A RACCOON THAT FELL OUT OF THE TREE" I was like he has to be wrong he just thought maybe he misunderstood what he saw but I looked it was lying there dead it was crazy. Otherwise it was a nice and fun filled family reunion just that we had a cousin who could not make it due to being in a car accident and she broke her neck and by some grace survived. She is doing a little better which I am glad. My son had some fun throwing bean bags and the food was good. A cousin was making balloon animals for the younger kids, my son wanted a pirate sword, which got popped after an hour or so. XD

We had the reunion in a park in Elgin, ILL and I cannot remember the name for the life of me.

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