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Five Lifetimes, by Mariam of Nazareth (Maria the Mother of Jesus)

I hope that I may be forgiven for what appears to be a piece of narcissism. I do not want anyone to pay attention to my personality---but I am exploring my past after centuries of relative amnesia, and the internet has become my journal. I am traumatized by my history and must reflect upon it. I find myself wondering if anything that I did was worthwhile, for neither Christianity nor Islam contain much truth, except in the Sufi orders and bits of Christian esoterica. As Mata Sulakhni I helped my husband Nanak while he taught the Sikh Dharm, and that is good. I chose the pretty music to cheer myself up (see below, the video on Vimeo).

Aspasia of Miletus (470 to 400 BCE) was forced by family circumstances to become a hetaera, the ancient Greek equivalent of a geisha. After she moved to Athens she became the lover of the statesman Pericles, and lived with him after the death of his wife. They never married, but had a relationship that was unusual for the time. In a culture when women were rarely seen outside of what was virtually a “harem”, Aspasia was seen to kiss Pericles in public, and was a brilliant conversationalist at their intellectual gatherings. The prominent poets and thinkers of the day, including Socrates, went to hear her speak. But because of her unorthodox relationship with Pericles she became the subject of scandalous stories and rumors.

Mariam of Nazareth (18 BCE to ?) conceived her first son Yeshua in an premarital love affair with a “wise man”, Simon, who had come to Nazareth from Alexandria, Egypt, where he was the highest initiate in a mystery school. Mariam wanted to go with Simon when he returned to Egypt, but he advised her to remain with Yosef, the man to whom she was betrothed. As it happened this was good advice, for Simon was killed soon afterward. Yosef forgave Mariam for the infidelity and accepted her unborn child as his own. The couple had five more children, Yehuda, Elisabet, Yaakov, Simon, and Hannah. Yeshua, the rabbi who ate with outcasts and tax collectors, seemed to accept his illegitimate status with equanimity---for it must be understood that there are no secrets in small villages. But after the emperor Constantine created the Church, the scandalous story no longer seemed acceptable. When the Council of Ephesus declared that Maria was “Theotokos” or Mater Dei, a committee of Spiritual Masters demanded that Lady Master Mariam accept both the new title and the doctrine of the virginal birth of Christ. The title Theotokos or Mother of God was meant to affirm that the Prophet Yeshua was divine even in the womb. Mariam refused to accept both the title and the doctrine and was expelled from the Great White Brotherhood. Her son Yeshua left with her. Two other Adepts were chosen to be Maria virginem, the Virgin Mary, and Jesus Christus. These Adepts had been known to the ancients as Cybele and Attis. 

Khadijah bint Khuwaylid (555 to 620 CE) was born in the small city of Makkah, Arabia. She married Muhammad ibn Abdullah, a man who was 15 years younger than she was, and had a monogamous relationship with him for 25 years before dying of old age. Muhammad, of course, was the Prophet of Islam, and Khadijah worked by his side---and was eventually honored with the title “Mother of Believers”. Muhammad had been Mariam's lover Simon of Alexandria. They were faithful to God (Allah), who asked them to be born in the same city and to work together to bring a new revelation to humanity that would correct the errors of Christianity.

Mata Sulakhni (1473-1545 CE) married Nanak, who would eventually become Guru Nanak, the teacher of Sikh Dharm. They had two children, Sri Chand and Lakhmi Das, the first of whom became the leader of a spiritual movement that emphasized renunciation of the world. But Nanak did not choose Sri Chand as his successor. The man he did choose, Angad Dev, continued to emphasize family life and social justice, two pillars of the Sikh way. Nanak had been none other than the Prophet Muhammad in an earlier lifetime, but in the Sikh Dharm he finally founded a religion that can endure into the New Age. I do not know if Islam will do so. After his life as Guru Nanak the Prophet of Islam became an Ascended Master. Nanak entrusted his wife with the care of his burgeoning community of disciples while he journeyed to many parts of Asia, teaching the doctrines that the one Sat Guru (God) had taught him.

I come now to the man in the center of the picture, Husayn ibn Mansur Al-Hallaj (858 to 922 CE), a rare masculine incarnation for me. He wrote several treatises, but is known today for his saying “I am the Truth”, which was a teaching that the Sufi brotherhoods kept secret. It meant that we each have God within us, and God is the truth of what we are. But the Arabic term for “the Truth”, Al-Haq, is one of the 99 names of God. The clerical and secular authorities of Baghdad accused Al-Hallaj of claiming to be Allah. For this and other “offenses” he was publically executed. Thirteen heavy chains were placed around his neck and he was led before a crowd which was commanded to stone him to death. When the stoning did not kill him, the executioner proceeded to cut off his hands and his feet. Next he gouged out his eyes and cut off his ears and nose. Al-Hallaj was left to bleed to death, but before nightfall the executioner cut off his head, finally killing him. His body was doused in oil and burnt, cut into pieces, and dumped into the nearby Tigris River.

My video is on Vimeo:

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Comment by Prithvi on August 24, 2017 at 5:24pm

Thank you, Owen. Although I speak with my son Yeshua from time to time now, it seems inevitable that in the course of time we should become separated. We each have our own vision and our own path. He is an Ascended Master, while I am a Bodhisattva---which means that I deliberately chose not to ascend in order that I might perform a unique service for mankind. Anything that can "clue me in" to his "hidden side" would be helpful in the midst of the amnesia that was deliberately forced upon me.

Comment by Prithvi on August 24, 2017 at 5:38pm

I would also like to add that I am happy to be back on Pagan Space. If I tried to post this kind of material on Unexplained Mysteries the rationalists who dominate that site would take me to the guillotine. In the past I used several names here, but the name that I used for the longest time was Sophia Lucifer. It happens that my soul's name is Sophia, but I identified with the Gnostic Sophia because my past put me in the "shadow". The Great White Brotherhood---which has not always been as virtuous as the students of Elizabeth Clare Prophet think---rejected me many times over because of my advocacy of sexual tantra, and a liberal attitude toward sexuality in general. Once they tried to punish me by forcing me to incarnate in the cast of prostitutes in 10th century Agra.

Comment by Prithvi on August 24, 2017 at 5:52pm

Or 11th century Agra. Sometimes it gets complicated because there are also parallel lives. Usually not all of me "fits" into a single body/brain. 


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