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Flower Moon, Corn Moon, Milk Moon, call it what suits you best, but Grandmother Moon was big and beautiful last night coming over the Eastern horizon. Father Sun kicked my ass yesterday. I spent a good part of the day working outside and it has been hotter than normal for May where I live. Father Sun is in full control of the sky over Texas. His heat and light have taken over the sky during the day. But while walking home last night, Grandmother Moon was a welcome sight. Mother Earth’s breasts are full of milk and she is blossoming flowers and corn from her womb. Before arriving home, I saw the Lady of the Waters spreading her cool, refreshing, and healing waters over a patch of Mother Earth. She is a beautiful lady but has little time for an old weather worn man like myself, she is young and beautiful. The light of Grandmother Moon sparkled in her clear waters as she spread them around the ground. Powerful female energy of a gentle healing nature. Father Sun will be back tomorrow to dry up the land and wilt the flowers. He will take his toll on me when I wander across the land.

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