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From Parasite to Pure: Prolgue/The Beginning

This blog I am about to write is based on true facts.  This really happened to me, and I want to share this with my readers to let them know what the experience of a dark entity take over is like, and how it almost ruined my life.  I want to share this with you because I have a word of advice to give to those who seem to be going through this issue.  It is never too late for anyone to be saved, but you have to want to be saved and want to be free from the burdens of what these entities cause.  This is a form of biography about myself.
Most people will not understand, or think this is insane, there is possibility a dark entity can take over your body and control your life.  This is a serious issue.  Before I go further into my story, I want to fill you in on what happens when a dark entity takes over your soul.  You will not remember much of your life when this happens, and it can be a high resemblance of mental illness, addiction, and things that one can not bare to live with.  I want to educate each and every one of you what happens when a dark entity takes over your body.
"Soul attachment occurs when the soul of one person who has usually passed on or died, finds a way inside the body of another person. (They classify these as different types of entites, but the fact of the matter is it is possible to have an entity inside you that are of these different types, but when my dark entity took over it is classified as a sickness entity.) Sickness entity attaches when trauma, such as rape, abuse, being bullied, or any other forms of trauma occur when the physical body becomes ill.  When a body weakens for any reason, some entities can attach to a body more easily.  They are generally the mischievous entity and nasty entity (in which I will define here shortly) that comes inside the body.  A mischievous entity are generally what they call immature discarnate souls that float around and may attach themselves to attractive young men and women, for example, they can experience sexual encounters vicariously, or just take a shower with a pretty lady for example. They are common and usually do not cause harm.  Some are aware of them, as they may laugh or do other things that attract attention to themselves.  Children are most likely to see them and grow afraid.  Some perform usual functions.  Most of the time they are just lost souls who need to move on after death, but they are having a good time being voyeurs, spies, stalkers, speculators, or more. They can usually be coaxed to move on. Nasty entities are discarnate souls that cause problems for people, for various reasons. Often the discarnate soul was abused while its body lived, and it is angry, upset, resentful, and wants to cause damage to others.  Such entites are common, in fact, and can cause one to have an accident, be promiscuous, steal, lie, cheat, and even commit murder.  They can also cause your death by distracting you while you are driving, or in some other way, by being careless.  This is why you are advised to be careful while you drive or do something dangerous.  You never know when "forces" are present that want to hurt you for some reason.  (My entity was categorized as a nasty entity, but it is also a female entity.  I am going to explain to you what that is.)  A female entity are very special, nasty entities that are here to defend children.  Unfortunately, they do it by making women more sexy and sensual and more provocative (dirty).  They are called female entities because they cause women to become "females", or very attractive men to have children with, have sex with, rape, and even murder, on occasion.  Their promiscuity is why they are dangerous." Soul Attachment and Relase: By Lawrence Wilson, M.D.,
As I have encountered, my entity was female and nasty.  I don't recall a majority of what happened when she took over, let alone remember her name, but I do remember I was abused a majority of my life, bullied by being overweight as a kid, picked on for being different, treated like a welcome mat everyone walked all over on from being used and only seen as a convenience, and being pushed aside, abandoned, and ignored mostly.  I encountered all three types of abuse, but I was abused sexually as a majority.  Now, I am going to indicate to you the signs and symptoms of soul attachment to further educate you on what you will be feeling or have felt.when the entity takes over your body.  
"When humans are possessed by evil spirits, their character changes and they seem to no longer be themselves.  If the possession is expressed very strongly, a person may become very aggressive, jealous, he or she may start to drink or do things in excess, or lust after the opposite sex like an animal.  The human body feels heavy when it is possessed by an evil spirit, the neck and shoulders feel stiff, the spine and lower back feel heavy.  A vicious circle starts when a person is always in a bad mood and no longer gets on well with other people. When a personality turns really bad it can sometimes indicate a possession by two, three, or more spirits.  A severe mental illness occurs when multiple spirits possessing a person push the person's own soul out of its physical body.  Moreover, if a person cannot control his/her anger, rants, raves, and blames others, he will draw the spirits of Ashura hell." The Truth about Spiritual Possession
These are some of the things I did encounter when this happened to me.  Not all symptoms, signs, and causes are alike.  It is different for most individuals, but it has to have that common link with the evil entity.  If that evil entity does not have anything in common with the physical body, it will most likely not enter it.  
That concludes the prologue of this blog.  I am not going to go on to my story as to when and what had happened, and I am also going to blog about how I came out of it.  This is a very long blog, and I do hope most of you will take the time to read it.  I don't mind if you want to read bits and pieces of it, but a comment would be lovely if you have read this.  Your thoughts are welcome, and as long as it is not insulting, I will be open to it.  I have to banish all negativity and even negative people.

The Beginning
I was 15 years old when I first started having an interest in divination, the occult, and other spiritual matters.  When I was a little girl, I always knew I stood apart different from the rest of my family and friends.  Doctors and specialists claimed that I was autistic at age 3, but I look back on those days, and I may have had the spectrum.  But, it was a brief flash of it as I grew out of it.  It turns out years later, I was never autistic because if I was, I would never be able to write this blog, let alone carry on a conversation with a doctor or anyone else for that matter.  What I now realize is I was just born different, and I stood out apart from everyone else in my surroundings.  I was quiet, detached, sweet, but would have fits of rage, learned cursive and read cursive, as well as doing algebra at three years old.  I have no recollection of any of this, as I was told this.  I guess I was classified as a child genius, so maybe there were traces of autism in me.  I had to go to special education classes around four years old. I remember the teacher being great and wonderful to me, and she basically drove me out of that spectrum phase and on to being with the rest of the children I went.  It was horrible, as I recall.  I tried to be that happy person, nice, kind, and sweet.  In kindergarten, the children were terrible to me and treated me like an outcast and a disease.  Even the teacher did herself.  She despised me for no reason at all, and it caused the other children to despise me as well.  I was miserable and would make myself sick not to go there, but I was forced one way or the other.  It didn't just stop there.  I had to ride a school bus back and forth from where I was originally supposed to be at school to that dreadful school.  I would recall numerous accounts where I would literally vomit because I was so nervous and so upset being there because all the other children looked down at me, and I was classified as a nobody.  The bus rides were not really any better, except I had one guy who always protected me.  His name was George.  He was probably around 12 or 13 years old, and I believe he was what most of us would call slightly mentally challenged.  He would make sure no one would ever hurt me, and he made sure they were to pay if anyone ever touched me.  George was a great and sweet guy from what I remember, and he treated me like a little sister.  One day, I noticed George not being around.  I didn't understand what had happened.  I thought he may have been sick.  I can't remember who told me the news of what had happened to George, but on a weekend he was messing around with an electric pole sitting outside as you would see lined up driving down a road.  He was climbing up on one of those and was killed by electrocution.  I thought that he was coming back. I did not understand George was gone and never coming back.  Maybe it was a thought I just had to keep to myself until the one day I realized he wasn't coming back.  It was a while later after George's death that I was riding the bus home with a bunch of other kids going to the school I was originally supposed to be going to.  There was this big, colored guy who comes up to me as I am sitting alone in the seat minding my own business looking out the window.  I was wearing a little skirt, pigtails, strawberry blonde hair, very innocent.  He just all of a sudden grabs my arms, and holds me down in the seat with my back laying on it begging me to kiss him, and he put his hands up my skirt.  I screamed, kicked, and yelled at him to stop, but he just kept fighting me for that kiss. I began to cry, and the bus driver just kept on driving without performing any action.  It went on for at least five minutes, and then another colored girl put an end to it and slapped the crap out of him.  I was never the same about people touching me much after that.  I didn't even like my mom and dad to come near me.  I remember telling my mother about this, and I thought she did not do anything either until she wrote me a letter many years later that she did go to the school about it.  Well, what didn't convince me at the time is how I went home and told her what he did that she just poo-poo'd me.  I now remember that day after he was not on that bus and never was seen again.  I was angry at my mother about it for a real long time.
I knew from here on out that I was different, and that I had a knack of knowing things out of nowhere.  I was a loner-type, always had imaginary friends, played an imaginary life.  I never was into Barbie dolls but books, pens, paper, and the things that seemed more typical at that age.  I did have baby dolls and things, but they just never really interested me.  I was classified as a smart child.  I had a twin sister, who seemed to be more the normal one as I used to be compared to her endlessly as a child.  She was the go getter, the guy crazy/forward, cute one.  I was the fat, ugly, smart, and undesired one.  It hurt me for so many years because I was always compared to someone.  I was either compared to my twin sister, even being called her name to my oldest sister because as I grew older I highly resembled her.  I felt I was never me.  I felt none ever really knew my name.  Elementary school was rather difficult.  I only had a good few years I recall, but it was torture just the same.  The snotty girls would outcast me or make me the butt of their jokes.  Some of these girls would never recall this, but I didn't forget.  Do I hold a grudge? No because I felt they would have a rough bump in their life someday and see how it feels to treat others the way they did.  
I was enduring some abuse during those years myself, but I am not going to go into detail as to who and why.  That is irrelevant to these experiences, but it is relevant as to what happened to me in the later years.  

Then adolescence came.  I was tired of the constant rejections, since I was beginning to have those thoughts.  I starved myself for a whole month, and drank nothing but water.  I also would make myself vomit if I ate.  I went into a severe depression and was suicidal, or at least I would find ways to attempt it, but my little sister would stop me soon enough.  I was classified as anorexic/bulemic, went to play volleyball in Junior High, that almost did me in on the times I was starving myself.  I lost a whole lot of weight, and I was no longer that overweight child most of the kids picked on.  That was when i reached the age of wanting to know more things in the spiritual world.  A friend of mine brought over an Outja board.  At first it was all fun and games until everyone involved discovered that I was the only one who can get the board to hover.  Many questions were asked, and most of us would think these answers were the truth.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but they lie.  At least this one did.  The last time I messed with the Outja board,as my friend left it there, was with me and maybe my sister. (Oh I did forget to mention that a friend of mine who was also our neighbor was able to hover it as well.) or another friend of mine, but the session was different. I was beginning to feel very peculiar that something was not right, and it got to where I knew the board/spirit was lying every time.  It was as if I was reading the spirits, as well as I could with people.
The session ended, but I still felt very strange.  I decided to wave it off and go back on my bed and do my homework.  I started hearing strange noises.  Thinking it was the friend I mentioned who always would do that to scare the crap out of me, I would be saying to him Ha, ha very funny..I know it's you.  The truth of the matter was at that time, he was already at his house eating and ready to sleep.  So, I laughed it off and continued to do my schoolwork when all of a sudden a black shadowy figure came flying through at me and seemed to have entered my body.  After that, I began to notice that I was changing.
I seemed to have had a control of it for many years, but I am not sure if that was the entity that entered me.  I remembered that I stared going out more, being with more guys, drinking and smoking tobacco and marijuana, and just tended to be the wild party girl.  I was still here it felt, but things just got to where I just let go.  

Some of the sexual abuse was still going on, and I would recall that I would just leave when the incidents happened.  Sometimes, I would be so wasted that I would wake up and parts of my clothing, would be missing or be on the floor.  If I remember correctly, that happened to me several times.  I was also being physically abused by an ex boyfriend who secretly was selling cocaine in the boy's bathroom at his school, as little did I know after we split.  I remember him going into these rages for no reason at all, and he would take it out on me. He would leave bruises on my arms because he always liked to grab them, and he would be very verbal.  I never knew he was into all of that until people at this apartment I would go to every weekend with him would tell me, and I didn't believe them.

At that time, I began to notice I was still here, but I would drift from time to time.  The drinking and the marijuana use became very heavy.  I had this all in control from the time I reached 21, and that was when things started getting very difficult for me.  I was still here at 21, but I was drifting more and more.

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