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Blessings all!

Winter is is the darkness.  I love this time of year and unlike many I welcome the longest nights.  Everything seems different at night and more focused.  My thoughts, my intentions and as I delve into myself  and I wait.  I wait for the flicker of is time to reintroduce myself to my shadow side, the darkest recesses of my soul.  The area's that I haven't wanted to look at and bring them to light. 

Though recently it seems The Morrigan is making that decision for me, bringing situations and people into my life that is forcing me to move out of my comfort zone and address things that make me uncomfortable.  I have grown complaisant in my inner work and feeling a sense of "I am ok and on top of things".  She is showing me that I still have work to do,  the healing never stops and I must let go of things that bind me emotionally, if I truly wish to become the warrior I want to be.  

This week's reality - I am not a victim, I am a survivor and I have the battle scars to prove it.  And for those who wish to find weakness, where there is now only strength...I say to you  BRING IT ON!   

 This is inspired by my short stint on a jury today - the topic sexual assault.  The defendants' lawyer came at me with a vengeance when I had to disclose that I had experienced a sexual assault. He was looking for the victim who can't handle the emotional scars that this can bring, and proceeded to tell me how I could not be objective, that I would let my emotions rule me....he was way off base.  I told him I was not a victim but a survivor and I resented the fact that he was trying to label me a victim and proclaim to everyone that I was weak because of this.  And that my objectivity remains intact and I will look at facts and base my decision on those facts.   He let me go in the 

This experience of proclaiming to all those in that room that I am a survivor was tough, even though I felt strong, I also felt very very vulnerable but I did not let that rule me. I stood strong in my power...  

Just wondering what the darkness brings out for you all?



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Comment by Ritalin-Bunny on November 27, 2012 at 3:21pm
I like lighting the oil lamps and reading before bed. Checking on the live stock if we're keeping anything - and tending the wood fire. It's our primary source of heat, up at least once in the dark hours to fill the stove again.
Comment by Melissa Selby on November 30, 2012 at 1:31pm

I know of what you went through. And it's something that will always effect you, but what people don't get is that we CHOOSE how it effects us. It can make us stronger, or make us weak. It can make us sad, angry, vengeful. But to decide we are survivors instead of victims proves our strength.

For me, darkness makes distrust and anger. It makes me hyper-sensitive. But I need this darkness to be safe and stay strong. It helps make me powerful when I need to be. It helps me be a leader when I transform it into strength and into being level headed.

Darkness is everything that makes us beautiful and human.

Warmest blessings friend,

Melissa Selby


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