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Ok I have more room now to expand on my beliefs. I feel I fall under the Christian Witch catagory but I will normally just say I'm an ecclectic Wiccan. Here's why, true christians believe in Jesus Christ as their savior, I do not. I do not follow the christian bible. I do, however, believe there is only one God, and that we are made in his image.....which brings me to the Goddess....I believe in her too; I feel she is the feminine aspect of God. After all, if we are all made in his image then he has to account for both genders, right? These are just the beliefs I've come to hold (wiccan father, christain do the math lol). I follow the Wiccan Rede and the Ten Commandments alike. When casting my circle I call on the elements but also the Archangels who govern them. Everything else about me is straight up wiccan. I have my alter, I worked long and hard on my wand, I do my research and have been practicing and learning for a little over a year now seriously; on and off before that. I believe in all the magick and power most wiccans do; I just happen to believe God gave us these abilities and placed within nature the supplies we need. I also believe that there are spirits here to guide us; I believe in mother nature as a major spirit of such. I don't believe in the devil; although I do believe in some people as such (darkness of heart and intention) and malevolent spirits. It may sounds complicated but its' not for me, its actually the most I've even felt right spiritually.

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Comment by Kindle on June 29, 2012 at 1:11pm

I'm glad to hear it! I find it very difficult to find others who believe as I do; am a part of pagan groups whom I love very much, they are my family, but I am definatly the only one who feels as I do. I'd like to be part of a coven someday, I'm ready, but it is so hard to even know where to begin to find who I'll click with!


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