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Geeking out with the element of Air

Throughout the Spring (from spring equinox to summer solstice) my study group will focus our inquiring minds and witches hearts on the Air element and how it touches our lives. 


Air represents creativity, thought, communication and there is no doubt that our study topics for the element are inspired!


April 6 - Our first topic was inspired not by Air itself but by the coming of Spring and the Renaissance Pleasure Faire. There is only one way to make studying the craft of the wise more fun for a group of nerdy witches. Costumes! Yes for our first weekend of study we will be hitting the faire to talk about the sort of magick that was practiced during the renaissance era. I hope someone remembers the camera! 


April 13 - Once we have that Spring Fever out of our systems we will tuck into one of this Gemini's favorite topics, Communication. The study group will focus on magickal writing and magickal alphabets


April 20 - Continuing on the communication theme we will talk about writing spells! Who does it, how and why are some keen topics of interest that we will delve into. The topic is call turning our will into words.


May 4 - We look to the sky for our next topic and explore the mythological, physical and metaphysical worlds of flight. One of the activities during our study session will be to craft flying ointment. I have to remember my broom for this one!


May 11 - One of our favorite sessions in every element study has been the crafting session. For this session we will make incense, oil blends, witches ladders and besoms to hardness our creativity and represent the air element.


May 18 - Another fun favorite is Astrology. As usual we will talk about the Air element signs and planets but this time we will add a special focus on the 12 houses within astrology


June 1 - We like to incorporate the elementals in each study quarter so for Air we will focus on Faeries! This study group will discuss their mythology and working with them in magickal practice. 


June 8 - Kitchen witchery is always a fun topic and the Air witch has so much fun in the kitchen. I can't wait to see what we cook up fr this study session.


June 15 - As the elemental representation of the intellect the group felt that there could scarcely be a better time than Air to study and discuss the Kabbala


June 29 - After the summer solstice we will bid the Air element ado and begin to work with the Fire element. On June 29th we will perform a ritual to thank Air and welcome fire.


If you are interested in following the topics along with us check out our Facebook page for some great content during the study group week.



If you happen to be in the Los Angeles, Orange County area check out our meetup group.

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Comment by K Crow on April 1, 2013 at 12:59am

Excellent activities. Thanks for posting! You might also make your own incense as part of your continuing air-focused activities. Happy crafting!


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