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In my opinion, too many wicca are focused on the gender aspect of the religion. As a result, women use wicca as a form of female empowerment, which is good in its way, but leads to them reversing the balance of gender equality rather than truly balancing it. I would even go so far as to say that for those who are seeking a relief from their gender roles they are in fact perpetuating them. The division of divinity into god and goddess does not serve to equalize the genders, as is stated, but instead further disharmonizes them. In my travels as a wicca, I have seen many books which state the equality of masculine and feminine traits, then go on to discuss only the feminine side of the divinity they explore. This is not just a minor issue, as half of the human experience, for both men and women, is contained in the masculine aspect of divinity. To ignore this side of the divinity is to ignore that side of yourself, and thus to cut yourself off from the source of self, the source of your powers as a wicca. In addition you ultimately fail to liberate yourself from any gender issues; instead, you take on the role of the oppressor you were seeking to escape. This leads to my final thought, for a woman who does what I have described, I’m curious whether they are seeking gender equality, or gender dominance because in seeking gender dominance they are creating the same destructive tendencies in themselves they seek to escape in others, but if they are seeking gender equality then they should remember that separate but equal is never equal.

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Comment by Maris Hellfaerie (Maire) on September 13, 2011 at 10:09pm

If you look closer, it is also sexist towards women because it categorizes them according to their role in reproduction and reduces them to the respective stages. What about those who don't want children or can't have some?

The way the whole thing is constructed lacks a good holistic grasp on 'humans' in their entirety, with a more complex psyche. With this in mind, you can identify with the female aspect just as much as any woman who is no 'mother'.

Comment by Violaceous on September 14, 2011 at 3:15pm
The modern application of Wicca that I have seen has been very much what you've presented. Women seeking "empowerment" to create a matriarchy overshadowing the patriarchy. This is one reason I am not a Wiccan. I believe in a more balanced equation between the genders. silly me.
Comment by Anwyn333 on September 12, 2012 at 10:44pm

Too much of a good thing is, well...not a good thing anymore! Christianity is WAY too full of dudes! and Wicca does tend to be WAY too full of chicks! We girls need you guys, and you need us...a happy balance indeed! Lets all be witches!! Seriously though, if you do your homework, you will see just as many pagan gods as there are goddesses, and I think we need a balance of all of them. Yin and yang my friends!


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