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Ginger syrup.

Big piece fresh ginger root.

Cane sugar.


With a metal spoon edge scrape of ginger root skin/peel. (Peel shavings can be air-dryed and further used in a footbath,potpourri,incense etc) Cut peeled ginger into 1/4 inch slices and cut slices into thin strips.

In a small quart pan add 1 1/2 cups water add a layer of ginger, water should cover ginger.

Bring to a boil. Reduce so that it simmers/still boils when water get a little color add cane sugar. 

Start with a few spoons of sugar. Stir to dissolve. Some people do 1/2 sugar to 1 water I do slightly less.Add a tiny bit of seasalt. Cook until liquid is reduced. Have ready sterilized small glass jars with sterilized lids on a clean kitchen towel. When liquid is golden syrupy after about 20/25 minutes and liquid had reduced to half,  remove the ginger pieces into one jar and put the syrup into other jars.Label jars, after cooling off keep in fridge.Keeps well for many months. My small glass jars  fit 3/4 cup syrup and 1 jar is what I use for a weeks cold. Syrup is not thick it is quite fluid.Use 1 coffeespoon as serving or add to custard during first cold  of October I used it both ways.

You could ovendry on low temperature setting drying the ginger strips into candied ginger but I prefer it soft to add to hot teas, hot cocoa and baking/cooking recipes. The ginger syrup I use(d) as a cold remedy.

I make small jars for personal use and posted recipe for making it if you make it as a try out you can always increase quantities to make more. You can also cook a little longer if you want thicker syrup. Ginger is very warming.

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