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The issue of Non-Spiritual-Dualism-oriented a.k.a. Non-Dualistic Paganism as Pagan Wicca, Pagan Witchcraft and Ancient Pagan Magick, their Traditions and the different people as myself who have been born of the natural Third Sex/Gender: Trans a.k.a. (Transgender / Transsexual).
And also, other people who have been born of the Fourth Sex/Gender: Non-Binary a.k.a. (Androgynous a.k.a. Hermaphroditic).
Whether being Trans Women: MTF, or Trans Men: FTM, whether permanent Non-Op, or Post-Op, whether, Part-time or Full-Time, etc…

And the different people like myself born of the natural Sexual Preference/Polarity: Gay/Bisexual also known as Pansexual a.k.a. (Pan-Functional/Directional) and therefore, a Member of the world LGBT/ GLBT Family…

The available world body of many different, eclectic and plural Belief and Language and their associated/related Collections of Values and Ways of Conduct for all the World Non-Dualistic Paganism Pagan Wicca, Pagan Witchcraft and Ancient Pagan Magick and all of their Traditions can be interpreted, spoken and written in many ways.

However, it should never ever dictate, nor impose to the world the exclusion, the censorship, the invented-limiting and denial of/for other human beings simply because they were born of a different Sex/Gender, other than the Male and Female, and/or, born of a different Sexual Preference, other than Heterosexual.

It is primitive, it is ignorant and it is arrogant and shameful because it lacks humanity, it lacks mutual respect and mutual equality and equal rights for all.

It is an arrogant and ignorant absurdity invented by big, rich mainstream world Religions and their Mythologies, also known as their so-called Holy Books, which are anything but holy at all.

It is usually the mis-informed / dis-informed, harmful, prejudiced / biased, mediocre, demagogue, willfully ignorant inventions of the lowest and the worst of this Species, and all for the sake of maligning and vilifying other members of the Species.

Because, Mother Nature created them different and without the approval of this (usually) world Elitist Minority of pure Buffoons / nitwits who think too highly of themselves, and who also arrogantly think that they alone know & hold the Will and the Word of the Goddess/God and/or, of the Ancient Goddesses & Gods.

To me, anybody who thinks and who teaches, that the GLBT Family of the world can be excluded out of any Traditions of the Craft, that GLBT people are not Good Enough for Ancient Paganism / Witchcraft, for Modern Pagan Wicca, for all Ancient Pagan Magick and all of their Magickal Traditions, these self-entitled Buffoons, they do not represent the Will nor the Word/Words of/from the Ultimate Supreme Being Creatress Mother Goddess and all of Her Ancient Goddesses and Gods, and all of her Fae: Elementals, Exus / Pomba Giras, etc…

It is True the fact that there are Differences in this world but they are there for a reason... To be Mutually Respected by All.

And in fact, it is not the Creation’s business to question its Creatress and to exclude and to attempt to reject different members of the great family of Her Creation!!!

How arrogant these harmful Buffoons !!!
How many lives must they ruin before they can see how arrogantly "full of sh*t" they really are? Indeed, folks!

Sometimes, it takes many lifetimes for some of these Lights to evolve, to grow beyond their mediocrity, their demagogy, their willful ignorance and all the harmful prejudices and biases that they have been holding on to for their own dear life and for pure fear.
Simply barbaric and lamentable.

I say, if you find these Wilful-Ignorant and Intellectually-Dishonest Morons in the world, forgive them and quickly move on!

Don’t waste your precious time with people who exclude Life to Other people and simply because they are Different.

Such it is arrogant, absurd and no God, no Goddess would ever come up with such a bullshit but this lame Species and its younger family members, the Young Souls who have not evolved as yet, of course.

The true Foundation of all Meaningful Freedom worth having on Earth is based upon the Mutual Respect for/of All Differences.

The Supreme Mother Creatress, Mother Nature, the Ancient Universal Ancestress, All of Her Ancient Goddesses and Gods, they love us all au natural, equally and without any stupid-bullsh*t biases and prejudices against our own differences given to us by Mother Nature Herself.

Trans – Pansexual / LGBT & Non-Binaries are Natural and they have always been.

All the bad and foul ranting and nasty raving against Trans – GLBT & Non-Binaries have always been invented by this Species and via its own invented socio-religio-politico Agendas created by a world Minority Elite of 1% of the World Population who uses their invented Belief and Language and their associated (invented) Values and (invented) Ways of Conduct, in order to control, to loot, to abuse and to keep ignorant the other 99% of the world population who journey in the elemental flesh from cradle to grave and without a clue of how bad they have been excluded out of LIVING and all they’ve got was SURVIVING... Until that too, that did them in, but only in the end, but of course.

Trans – GLBT & Non-Binaries have been around since the beginning of times…
They happen au natural in other Species all over the world…
And they will continue and they will be here long after the miserable Buffoons of Mis-Information and Dis-Information are gone.

To go against Nature?

To go against Mother Nature?

Mother Nature is outside of, and equally at once, inside of all Her Creation, inside of all of us, folks.
Just because some trouser stain idiots decided to write her out of the equation of this Species, it does not change anything, it does not make it the final reality or word on anything at all.
Belief and Language, their associated Values and Ways of Conduct, they can be created as many times as we may wish to, but whether they stand the test of time and evolution, that it is questionable and only time will tell.

One thing I am quite sure of, Mother Nature, She is Mighty and She always gets what She wants.

As is Above, So is Below!!!

Cheers to that!

Blessed Her Be!

I love the Goddess.

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon

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