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My second post is about Freyr, his name isn't a name but a title meaning "Lord".  He is one of the hostages of peace, with his father Njord, given to the Aesir tribe by his people.  His people are the Vanir who represent the "domestic" aspects of nature such as livestock fertility. His direct family consists of Njord, Freyja and an unknown mother, considred to be Nerthus by many, his former stepmother is the Giantess Skathi and he's married to the giantess Gerda and possibly a son named Fiolnir.  His servants are Byggvr,Beyla, and Skirnir.

Freyr is discribed as an attractive, well-endowed man who is skilled in magic, as are all his people.  He presides over frith,kingship, fertility, weather, and wealth.   His totems are the boar, stallion, phallic symbols and ships.  He is also the ruler of Alfheim, home of the light elves. Freyr is also an excellent warrior but he is said to be destined to fall to Surt, a fire giant.(a referance to wildfires consuming fields?)


Freyr has other names and titles, Ing, Ingve-Frey, Frey, Frey-Ingvi, Frea, Frikko, ect.  One of his major cult centers appears to have been Uppsalla, Sweden. Adam of Bremman mentions Freyr sharing the Upsalla temple with Thor and Odin. Others mention his priests were discribed by at least one source as being effeminate, possibly crossdressers, who wore bells(don't remember who).


Freyr doesn't appear to have been directly mentioned in in lore other then that of the Norse.  At least no as a pagan god but as the "lord", as in the god of the Christians. 


His colors are belived to be gold, green and brown.

His stones are believed to be amber,bloodstone, citrine, smithsonite, moqui marbles, agate, horn

Foods/drink: Root veggies, pork, bread, cherries, beer, whole grain, organic local foods, nuts, honey

Objects: Boar images, corn dollies, phallic symbols, images/objects that remind you of Freyr, ship models/images, Inguz(Ing), Jera, antlers, wagon,

Herbs: Thistle, wild ferns, lemon balm, coltsfoot, carline, Grain 


More to come and hopefully better written

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