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 I need to post a review of this movie for Goth lovers out there. I have watched this movie on YouTube three times already. This movie is named Goth, as if you all see. This movie was made in 2003 starring Phoebe Dollar, who plays Goth, and Laura Reilly, who plays Chrissy. The movie is written and directed by Brad Sykes.

I admire this movie. This is classified as a B-grade horror/thriller, and I feel it should have been given a little more credit. It begins with Crissy and her live-in boyfriend, Boone, going to a Goth Club to see this band perform. It started out pretty cool, your basic start of a killer evening. Chrissy bumps into Goth, and at first apologizes seeing Goth's stare into her and checking out the name "Goth" on her chest and walks away. Crissy walks towards the ladies restroom and at first did not notice Goth standing in front of the door. Chrissy stands besides Goth and realizes it was her she bumped into and apologizes. This is the beginning of how this movie gets interesting. Goth and Chrissy get acquainted when Goth informs her about this drug that makes you feel like you are having a NDE (Near Death Experience) called "White Light." Crissy was interested in trying it, but she wanted Boone to be on it just as well. Goth tells Chrissy to meet her out back in the club in ten minutes to try this "white light."

Chrissy and Boone go to the back and wait for her when they were nearly mugged. Goth makes her appearance and shows the revealing of who she really is. Goth was like a vigilante of sorts, but in a way, she was much more sinister then that. After she scared and hurt one of the muggers, Chrissy and Boone try their first dose of "white light." It was an automatic high to them both, Chrissy blacks out and has flash backs of her sister, Sarah, who was killed by a Goth person. She was remembering the closeness her and her sister shared, and she was out for vengeance of the killer. Chrissy wakes up inside Goth's van with Boone with her. Now, the party gets started.

Goth chose them two to prove to them or make them understand what being Goth is all about. Chrissy and Boone actually see the true colors of what Goth really was. Goth states to both of them there are three rules to being true goth. The first rule is "embrace the darkness." The second rule "kill your fear." The last rule was "live for death." Goth took these two, especially Chrissy, with her for this night because Goth wanted to see who had what it took to be a true goth. To Boone, as Boone despised her very quickly, tried to express to her what being Gothic really was, but Goth had a much more harsher side to the truth of it. 

Since I will ruin the movie by talking more about what was done and what tests were performed, I am not going to go into details of what a wild night both Chrissy and Boone had. The ending has a much more cool twist, but not a surprising one. 

I wanted to talk about the three rules of what being goth really is. To an extent, I can agree with these rules of being goth. To Goth, the character herself, it was much more sadistic and sinister. I have to agree with Boone more of how he defines what being goth really is. The first rule is "embrace the darkness." Yes, as goths, we do embrace the darkness. I feel there are many ways for this darkness to be embraced. to Goth, it was those claming to be innocent, when in truth, noone is. Embracing the darkness can mean many different things. In this case, "embracing the darkness" is meaning flash out the darkness we all have in us. We all have that darkness that lives inside us, there are things we have done that we may not be proud of but it is in our nature. To Goth, that means sinister and hurtful things, but in a way, Goth was also speaking the truth about it. 

The second rule is "kill your fear." Yes, all of us live in fear over many things or it can mean one thing. To Goth, killing your fear meant to go with it. Goth was a killer, that may have been her fear, and once she has killed, she knew she was no longer afraid of anything anymore. In the end of the movie, Chrissy made a comment to Goth about something, and Goth proved to her that Chrissy was not afraid anymore and she killed her fear. When we rid or kill our fears, we really have not too much to be afraid of anymore. These fears could be anything, and once we face them and kill them, we no longer fear it. So, I do agree with this rule as well.

Last but not least, rule number three: "live for death." We can live for death by experimentation with things. it can be drugs, sex, thoughts, anything really. Goths are to live for death. In Goth's version, it was to kill. Killing is living for death, and all these three rules actually combine to this last rule. Boone clearly defined goth to be these things, but it was in a more different light as Goth was more sinister. This movie basically goes by these three rules of being goth. Goth was trying to make them understand that most people are posers, especially in the goth scene. She felt they had no idea what it was like to be an actual goth. Some people take the meanings of goth to the extreme, as Goth's character did. Most, live by how Boone expressed it. So, I do feel we are all goth in a way, and I do feel that we all have darkness and the goth inside us. How we handle these matters is a completely different story. In this case, Goth went all the way out and took the meanings of it very seriously.

I really enjoyed this movie, and I will watch it again. I do not care if it is classified as a B-grade movie. I recommend this movie to those who like the goth scene or are curious as to the definitions of what being goth really means. It is a must watch, in my opinion.

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