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Heavenly creatures is a 1994 directed by Peter Jackson based on a true crime event that happened in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1953. This was the first movie of Kate Winslet, who played Juliet Hulme. This was also the first movie of Melanie Lynskey, who played Pauline Parker, or also went by Pauline Reiper.

This movie details a girl, Pauline, who went to a girl's school a loner type, straight A student, and a young teenage girl who had an imagination far beyond. Juliet Hulme enters the school as a new student, having a father who was head of the college in the area, traveling to many places, and was considered a rich girl, looking as normal as possible but was also the same kindred soul as Pauline. These two met in art class, as Juliet exposes her true self awakening Pauline's attention, by doing a live drawing of Pauline in a whole new different aspect. These two girls had very much in common with this vivid imagination they both live throughout the movie.

These two befriended each other almost instantly. They started out a wonderful friendship. Pauline felt she did not have a true friend or identity until Juliet came into her life. Throughout the movie, the friendship between them two started to become more intense. It began when Juliet had to be in isolation because she develops tuberculosis. Pauline was devastated she would not be seeing Juliet for awhile, and Juliet was devastated that Pauline was going on with her life as this was the year (1952) she lost her virginity to a boy who lived at the boarding house where Pauline and her family lived. When Juliet grew upset about Pauline telling her she thought this boy was in love with her, Pauline felt guilty and caved in. After she lost her virginity to this boy, he was non existent to Pauline.

When Juliet was dismissed from being in somewhat isolation from her tuberculosis, the friendship became intense. Juliet's father noticed how them two were starting showing affection in a way he felt was wholesome. Mr. Hulme appears at the Parker house to confront the issue to Pauline's parents. Pauline's mother started to notice some changes in her daughter. Her mother grew to become very worried about Pauline, as Mr. Hulme was deeply concerned about his daughter, Juliet. Mr. Hulme recommended to Mrs. Parker, in which turns out she was never married to Pauline's father, to have Pauline see a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist talks with Pauline, and at first she was silent because her mother was sitting in the room next to her nagging her to answer his questions. Knowing how it angered Pauline, the doctor asked her mother to leave the room to where he can talk to her. After Pauline and the doctor had their "difficult" discussion, he sends the mother in to the room and tells her Pauline has a problem named "homosexuality." In that time, and where they were located in a religious area, homosexuality was definitely off limits and considered a mental condition in this movie. He was telling Mrs. Parker how Pauline is homosexual with some aspects of anti-social disorder, in which he never put it that way but in the movie you can see those traits. They are basing homosexuality as a mental condition that can be cured, when in reality it can not be.

Juliet and Pauline seemed to see less and less of each other after all this. Both parents of both parties felt it would be best if they were separated. The intensity of their friendship was too much to bare for the parents making them both feel uncomfortable. Pauline felt it was her mother's fault, and resented her of the idea she was the one who separated her and Juliet. Towards the end of the movie, Mr. Hulme announces the divorce between her parents. Juliet was not going to be living with either parent but moving to South Africa to be with her aunt. It tore Juliet up. She resented her mother for ending the marriage between her and her father because Juliet walks in on her and another man. It did not matter to Juliet whether it was a mutual agreement between her parents, as Mr. Hulme was ok with the idea of her new man living in with them. Pauline was beginning to despise her mother more and more as she felt her mother nagged her to death over her grades slipping and over her behavior. It got to where if Pauline did not straighten up, she was never going to see Juliet again. It did not matter. Juliet was soon to be moving to South Africa, and either one of them would not have it. Pauline was obsessed with the idea and convincing herself that she was going to go with them, and she would not accept Juliet was to move without her.

When Pauline and Juliet got their last chance to spend time together, two things happened. Pauline and Juliet ended up having a sexual encounter with each other, and it turned out these two girls were in love with each other and could not be separated. Pauline tried to get a passport issued, but it was refused because of her age. That destroyed Pauline's heart, and it destroyed Juliet's heart. Pauline's mother tried to comfort her, but it only made Pauline angrier. Then after the moment of Pauline and Juliet's intimate encounter, Pauline made a decision that she was going to be with Juliet and not one person, even her mother, was going to get in the way. She devised a plan to have her mother killed by some sort of accident.

The last day Pauline and Juliet were to ever see each other, was the day of Pauline's devised plan. Juliet took into it immediately, so she was in on the plan just as much. Juliet showed up at Pauline's home bringing a purse with a brick placed inside. Pauline saved a couple of knee-highed hose and placed the brick inside one of them placing it back in Juliet's purse. They made a plan to spend that day with Pauline's mother somewhere in order to make this plan work. They went to a tea shop and had some tea and sweets. Afterwards, they went for a walk out on this muddy path in the woods. The nervousness grew between Pauline, but I sensed Juliet felt it more. Pauline seemed to have shut down her whole existence for this day. If you noticed how she looked, she had dark circles around her eyes. Her eyes looked like her soul disappeared, and it was as if Pauline just disappeared. Juliet seemed more intense and nervous about the whole issue and was not really sure if she could go through with it. Pauline walked ahead of her mother, and Juliet walked behind her mother. Pauline turned around to give Juliet a signal to drop a jewel on the ground. Pauline's mother signaled both of them to be turning back because it was getting late. Pauline points out to her mother to look at the jewel that was purposely placed on the ground from Juliet. Her mother bends down to pick it up when Pauline takes the hosed up brick out of the purse and starts to whale her mother on the head with it. Juliet stood there and watched a bit and then decided to join in. They beat Pauline's mother to death, and ran up back to the tea shop screaming for help that there was an accident in regards to Pauline's mother.

After all that was said and done, the police investigated the crime that same day after the event. They found Pauline's diary leading to her immediate arrest because the plan of Mrs. Parker's murder was stated on there. The day after Pauline was arrested, Juliet was also apprehended. Since the two of them were way too young for the death penalty, they were to serve a life term under Her majesty's pleasure. In about five to ten years later, both women were released under the condition that they were never to be seen together or meet up again.

The thing about this movie is the homosexuality aspect. How in those times it was wrong for a girl to fall in love with another girl, and it was abnormal in Christchurch, New Zealand. It is not right to be homosexual in these types of religions, and it is not right to be homosexual in that time period. It was considered a mental issue, it was considered being an outcast to society. I feel if we are open minded about this issue these crimes would never take place, and everyone would be happy. What is so wrong about being in love whether it is with a man or woman. We can not help who we fall in love with, and we can not help to know love is love.

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