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Hedge, Kitchen, Green Witchery... I'm confused

Okie dokie

I was looking up some new books and a friend of mine loves Silver Ravenwolf, she is okay I like her reading because I can read it half asleep and still understand it, they are easy reads which sometimes I love those more then I should.
Anyway, so she has a book on Hedgewitchery, I had never heard the term before so I started looking it up... first two sites said that hedgewitchery was wise healer of the village type thing.... oh okay I get it....

Then I go to a different site, they say it is using hallucinogens to walk in both realms, others say healers.... wtf well what is it. Whats a freaking hedge witch?

Is it another name for a green witch, or a kitchen witch or a wildwood (something else I saw on a website that I'm not so sure about)

I love the net but its so hard to know whats real or not, everything is bias because its all opinion, if its not bias then everyone says its wrong, if its right there is no way to prove its right, half the people you try to email on the subject don't even remember the site is still up.... I mean come on, through a lady a bone here.

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