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Help for Haiti urgently needed!

Dear Family of Light,

A friend of mine, Petra Aiana Freese, author of several books and channel medium, sent me an e-mail yesterday in which she is pleading for help for Haiti. Her German friend, Ute, lives in the Dominican Republic from where they started a project of help.

Two or three times a week they organize transports to Haiti where they are in contact with people from Norway who founded a school in Port au Prince several years ago. This school, which is called "Petit Troll", was not destroyed by the earth quake and serves as the basis for the distribution of goods and medical help now.

Around the school tents for 400 people are pitched now and food is handed out.

A nurse distributes medicine to those in need

School has started again and all strive to make it possible for the kids to come back to normal again. Therefore, material for the school will also be included in the next transport

All transports have reached their goal up to now. The only extra costs are 80 € per transport for shipping, as all the work is done by friends and volunteers ánd nothing is charged.

As the project has started as a private initiative, resources are now coming to an end. But help is still needed - now more than ever!

If you click on the link below, you are directed to the Norwegian site of the school at Port au Prince and on the right you find all the information you need to transfer money. This money can be withdrawn directly at the cash dispenser at the Dominican Republic where everything that is needed can still be bought.

I hope to get further information soon, as I'm in direct contact now with Ute who promised to send further information - hopefully not only in German, but also in English, maybe even in Spanish :-))).

Now one thing you can do is donate what you can afford yourself.

Another important step would be to SHARE this information with your friends and on other sites. It would be a good idea if you decide to do this, that you keep informing the people interested in this project as I will do here :-)

Petra is going to collect money for the project in Germany and maybe this would also be a great idea for others?!? You could organize whatever event you think fit - a concert, gallery, meditation or prayer circle - and ask people to donate some money to this project in Haiti.

Do whatever comes to your mind - and share your ideas and resulting experiences with us here in this discussion!

I'm looking forward to your response,


Sonja Myriel

More pictures:

"Petit Troll"
ohter camp sites
Edwin und Ingvill
help urgently needed everywhere!


From Nina Karlsen

Some "words" I sent to someone who wanted more detail:

In my Norwegian hometown Tromsø, there are two wonderful people, Ingvill and Edwin from Project Haiti ( They run a school in Delmas, Puerto Prince and have worked in this area for many years. Edwin is from Haiti. and they had just returned to Norway after a period in Haiti. They both returned to Puerto Prince as soon as they could after the earthqueake and they are now running a camp in their school (who luckily did not have a lot of damage, probably beacuse quite well built), and they are also in the process of setting up a new camp. Around 400 people come to the school Petit Troll every day, for food and medical services. Anyway, because they were already organising a food program they had supplies to last for a few days.

Edwin landed in Santo Domingo Saturday after the earthquake. By that time Anne Grethe, Birgit, Heman and some other friends in Cabarete had collected and bought neceassy supplies, like food, medicines (6 boxes thanks to local Cabarete doctor Damaris), tents (from our sportprogram), blankets (from Hummingbird, Residencia, and of course from shop), lonas (you now, plastic sheets to use for makeshift tents), flashlights etc. We had immediate access to money through our StudyAway accounts.

The fantastic Siv Mika (previous StudyAway coordinator) who was in Haiti during the earthquake, but made it to Santo Domingo the next day, also organised lots of equipment and food in Santo Domingo. When Edwin landed the stuff was waiting for him in a car at the airport and he brought it to the border where a new car from their school in Puerto Prince picked him and the stuff up. The following monday, Ingvill arrived Santo Domingo and brought the remaining truck when she went to the border. Same set up!

They were able to bring it to the school, armed with machetes, just in case! So, this Wednesday we sent another truck, mainly with food and hygienic articles, then today a new truck will be delivering a new load with food, and a lot of thin matresses at the border. Edwin and Ingvill will pick it up there, and do the faboluous job of transporting it to the school and distributing it there (as you can see in the photos). We will continue to send trucks 1-3 times a week, with the supplies they ask for. We are now working to get medicines for broncitis and similar to go early next week, with food of course.

We now get money from their foundation, and simply buy all the things they need, and send it to the border. We communicate mainly via sms. I have friends with a colmado in Boca Chica, so they will also start to buy in the amlezena to get it cheaper. We are stretching every penny!

A wonderful and trustworthy driver from santo Domingo (friend of Siv Mika) does the fabolous job of picking up the stuff and transporting it to the border (always with a friend). We are able to help keep their camp running in this way, and it is a wonderful thing. We would love to help more people, but it is very inspiring to be able to help so directly. The real job is done by Ingvil, Edwin and all the local people in the camp, but we feel so lucky to be able to help them in their efforts.

So, in short we have been able to set up a small, but effective distrubution net, and within a day supplies can be in the camp.

Some other inspiring details:

* a nurse, who Anne Grethe knew in Cabarete, went with the first truck to SD from Cabarete and joined Edwin to the border and then Haiti. She had worked in New Orleans after Katharina and knew about this kind of work. She now sees around 20 patients every day, and provides the basic medical care in the camp. You will see her sleeping on the floor with some of the kids (grey haired woman in the photos).

* They have also started schooling again in the camp, and do their very best to look ahead and get some normality to their day. So in our second truck we send books, pencils, crayons and similar. I think this is fantastic! The people in the foundation are truly amazing people, and if you visit their website and facebook page you will see they really focus on being practical and hands on. We are so happy to be able to help them with our deliveries.

As I said they are beginning to set up a new camp, to reach more people. This means they will need more supplies, and more deliveries. This can be organised from the Dominican Republic. Siv is planning to go back there to do this, and we will also involve some of our students when they arrive. I assure you, if you go to th Dominican Republic you will be welcome to help in this work. The money is also running out, so if you could help open the market and get donations from other countries that is fantastic. Everyone can be assured that this help reaches those who need it - within days!

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