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For a majority of my life, One f my many labels, I have been what one would call a seeker. A seeker is basically one who believes that a mind blowing answer could be revealed at any moment, and often will look into anything could reveal answers to questions. I plan on using what I learn and experience to practice in order to help other beings, and our own planet. Through out the course of my life I have studied and practiced many things in hopes of being able to be a helpful individual though I do not always use the best methods in achieving and doing so. So I have come up with some things to hopefully show that I want to be helpful and see if there is away we can be a team.
To put any of my ideas and studies to use would enhance our community and many others might begin to follow for it raises a lot of good views that I have studied over the years so if anyone wills it please read my documents. I appreciate and thank you.

In the concept of many, one can realize the power entertainment can have on the educational level. Entertainment-Education is a communication strategy that aims to alleviate a social issue or educate the public through a custom-tailored piece of entertainment. It is defined by a set of techniques and methodologies which all aim to use various levels of mass media to communicate social and behavior change. According to study a mind that is able to find entertainment can also receive high levels of knowledge in ones time.
Even video games and movies can have this feature, Lets say I made a video game that simulated a doctor or a plumber and made it an entertaining realistic game a child could pick up on this at a young age to prepare them for future employment by giving them the knowledge through the entertainment. Think about all the stuff one has learned through being entertained, from scientifically, religious trades, and ones own self.
With an even bigger concept we could enhance the research to stronger formats by putting ways of video games for example that could enhance the human mind by coming up with several designs of even dealing with worse case scenarios which would lesson the damage in tragic events. Lets take a very popular sandbox video game like grand theft auto. Suppose we use the format to make like occupational, and scenario to where the person has to interact with the sensor by simulating the procedure to do so we may see a larger rise in employment and success in school(colleges).

A business Idea
The biggest format that people like is convenience, to which it makes there decisions easier, with many of the festivals geared towards down town I suggest opening up one or more “game center arcade.” See lets say single mom or mom and dad want to go to a festival and can not find a person to watch there child or in the moment want to find something there child would enjoy doing while mom/dad go shopping they could drop off the person to the “game center/arcade” by doing so would increase traffic for people wanting to go shopping eat and such they can drop off the children to the location which is right by all the clothing stores and restaurants and where people do the festivals at. What one does gear to all ages and than for anyone that is underage is given a bracelet or have “babysitters” in place to watch over those in need. This allows for people not to worry much but also allows others to enjoy their times in Florence and not have to worry about well what do we do with them formats.

A process in question
Has anyone ever heard the saying “poor preparation leads to poor performance.” Is it just me or do others see this? Why do we raise money after something has happened and not before? If a major storm were to strike and damage half of Florence, South Carolina. Than one will have events to help “fund raise” an event to earn money and other items to counter act the tragedy. I see it in the news everywhere.
I think it would enhance better to have a seasonal or annual event like a festival to where all or percentage goes toward like a in case it happens fund to where if does not get used it sits there and builds, but if it is needed we already have an amount to help others in a time of need. I would be willing to do what I can and help to put to use perhaps the top of each season winter, spring, summer, autumn, dry/wet. Or annually we can work on something that would give people to do draw tourism and help build a way to help when the time strikes because this way we might be able to prevent larger amounts of damage, or help heal it faster when it approaches.

Is this a Possibility
There is a saying we all can walk the same road together, but none can walk the same path. If this is a possibility, I could sense it transmigrating a multitude of positive though there is no positive with out a negative, it might be worth looking into. The concept I have thought about would combine culture, religion/spirituality, psychology, entertainment, education, and much more.
The concept of a temple that holds to all/any know cultures, their customs, and beliefs. To where people can study and learn about the many different religions, and spiritual practices through out the world gaining an understanding to which this has potential of bringing understanding, belief, and peace to a multitude of people.
The Pagan people can have an outdoor worship, as the Christian, Muslims, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist etc can have there practices as well. It can allow for many to study the individuals as well as It teaches people to share and than one can hold awareness, educational seminars to where people learn of all walks of life, the ologies of it and what it does to each individual being that comes into it. Think about it if the Dalai Llama can be friends and excepting of a large multitude of people form all walks of life and religious practices we could do the same. Education is key and giving people a temple or chapel where any one can walk in to a service learn, partake, witness for themselves and find there own way. Which could lessen tension, depression anxiety and all else in this life. Many of people today are in there state of mental problems because they do not know who they are or fear how to get into touch with who they are for fear of rejection. In this concept I propose this could be away of people trying to come to terms with themselves and by adding psychologist is with the format of the spiritual leaders of the different groups this allows people to get the help they need, find themselves and get to the point of understanding others as well. So why not do things that have a high probability of helping other beings, and brings more peace to other individuals among the communities?

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