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As I read the paper, and see stories of various businesses, people, and (republican) government leaders wanting to close the door on the homosexual community, I can not help but be irked. Now granted, I'm not a homosexual, however I do consider myself somewhat of a "feminine man". My religious views fall outside of the mainstream, as does my wardrobe. I fear the day will come where I will find myself being turned away from a business, or government entity because I'm wearing a pentacle necklace, and a skirt.

Though not homosexual, I do firmly stand with them on their quest for fair and equal treatment under the law. I have come to the conclusion that if the homosexual community is not "worthy" of the same rights and privileges that their bible thumping heterosexual counterparts are accustomed to, then perhaps homosexuals should be exempt from paying taxes! Why should they have to pay to support a system that hates them?

It's also interesting that so many fundamentalist churches out there, do nothing but spew hate, bigotry, and intolerance. They constantly immerse their selves in political agenda's, and are constantly on the front lines lobbying to implement "God's law" on the masses? Yet they remain TAX EXEMPT! *spits*

So I've made up my mind. Although it is somewhat difficult to avoid some homophobic businesses, I will endeavor to spend my money at establishments that promote true equality. When dealing with a new business, such as a hotel, cake decorator, planner, rental place, etc... my first question will be "would you perform services for the homosexual community". If the answer is yes, then we'll talk business. If not, then I'll leave.

Many people think I'm homosexual because I wear femme skirts on occasion. If someone should say to me "we don't serve your kind here". I'll just leave my goods on the counter... say "and I don't support your kind with my money" and leave.

I will NOT write the media about it, and I will NOT make a big ruckus about it. Because THAT'S WHAT THEY WANT! They know that the moment the news media gives them coverage for turning away a "gay sinner", the bible belt will tighten and it will actually PROMOTE their business! Look at what happened at Chic-fil-a! That whole debacle actually INCREASED their sales by I believe 12%! (sorry the source on this eludes me tonight).

But anyway, I just wanted to send a message to the homosexual community that I stand with you. And if some business gives you a hassle, let me know and I'll be sure to not lay my money down their either.

Blessed Be my friends.


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