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,its kinda funny how i got her. i had been visiting the local pound right befor valentines day in 03. she was a puppy and their was a long waiting list for them so i knew my chances wernt good but i still went to see her. the last day i got to visit was a thursday and when i went to leave she put her head down , i told her it would be ok and i wished her a happy life, as i was leaving she tried to get under the door and got stuck , it broke my heart but we got her back in and i told her to be a good girl and she went to lay down. i didnt go on friday but i figured she had been placed in as good home, i was sad cuz i missed . on sat morning the phone rang real earky for me lol like 7:30 it was the woman from the pound asking me if i wanted to bring my girl home that ahe was waiting for me, i never moved so fast in my life lol my daughter and i ran to the store got everything we would need and got to the pound in record time. they told me she had been pouting since i left and that they could tell she was meant to be with me .her name is kassie. we also have five beautiful cats that have come to us in their own way my daughters cat in a way very much like kassie from a diff pound. one was a stray and we have her son and the newest was taken in from a friend. out oldest was saved for a house where he was treated unkindly by kids and dogs when we fisrt got him we had had a black lab that treated pepper like a baby so he thought he was a dog it was really funny to see him sit next to the lab and make sounds when the lab would bark . i will say my babies are interesting they run my small apartment but i wouldnt have it any other way.

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Comment by moni on April 30, 2009 at 10:47am
I love my four legged kids. I bought my basset hounds for my kids on Ostara. From a farmer, who lived in the middle of nowhere, in Oregon. Toby, my miniature schnauzer/jack russell terrorist was a suprise from my boyfriend. I was having baby fever really bad, so he brought me home a baby. Sam, my oldest cat I got from a friend. I told my friend that if any of the kittens came out black/white I wanted one. Sam is all black, with a white spot on her chest. I had to hold her and drive, on the way home she pooped on me. So I knew it was destiny. Allie Bug, my youngest cat came from my uncle who took in a stray, who had kittens.Allie thinks she is part dog, She'll sleep with the hounds in there dog house, she scratches the door to get in and out.She rolls in the dirt, Toby is her best friend.
Comment by maatsshadow on April 30, 2009 at 10:53am
that is so cool ,its funny how the four legged ones know how to touch our hearts the way they do ,they are truelly a blessing in my life without them i would be lost


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