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How I became a mum in less then 24 hours.

my familiar Helios sadly passed on shortly after I moved into my own place in april. I was devasted and although my friends and family kept plying me with different animals my heart wasn't in it.

Until I saw a post for a 10 week old black kitten. Something told me to call and see if they still had it. They did. There was a fair distance between us and I cant travel so after seeing several photographs of the kitten, I agreed to let them bring him to me. What arrived was not what I expected.

Wrapped in a filth towel, looking like he was partly drenched in treacle, was this tiny kitten, its eyes shut, crying. Tt wasn't the kitten from the photos and some careful questioning from me and my friend made the couple slip up and reveal his true age 3 1/2 weeks. I was fuming. I wont repeat what I said to them because it wasn't nice at all. But they left. Leaving this tiny bundle of fluff with me.

The first night was rough, I didn't have any kitten milk powder and rang a local cat charity to get a tempera recipe I could use until I could get him to the vet.

Everything checked out fine. But that night things changed. he couldn't keep the formula down, he was fitting and could hardly breath. But he never stopped purring. It was a night of praying to the goddess and holding him in my arms to keep him warm. But there was something there, a spark of what I call earth magic in this tiny sick body that I hadn't felt since my Helios past away, so I kept fight till I could call the vet. They had him in straight away as an emergency. Turns out he had been eating so fast he developed a bubble of air in his belly.

Now I sit here watching him sleep in a nest I made him, knowing in 2 hour I'm going have to wake him to feed him again, then try to get 3 hours sleep before doing it again, then again after that. Until he is at least 5 weeks old.

And I think on some level I know how parents feel. Every change in his breath a check on him, every sneeze, every time he turns him head away from the bottle, every time I leave the room, I worry about him.

But I have one thing that comforts me. That little spark of earth magic I felt in him. I can feel it still and so far its the strongest its ever been. That and he still hasn't stopped purring.

All I can do is keep praying to the Goddess that he keeps improving and he makes it through this critical first week.

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Comment by Katey on September 30, 2017 at 8:41pm

Best of luck to you both and blessings. I hope it works out.


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