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With anything in life, there has to be balance between things; whether it's work, a relationship, family, or spirituality. The last one for me is hard to find balance lately. I'm still very interested in the path I'm on. It's just that it's hard to find time to do for me. I'm doing the lessons for year and a day (which is SUPPOSED to be one lesson per day) and find that I have to do a few days-or more.... between lessons. Once I'm outside on a day off of work, I do feel that I reconnect with nature and the Goddess/God easily.

Somehow I need to fit time for this into my life since it is still very important to me. I have finished getting to know my new fairy tarot deck, so maybe I'll do my first reading (though I have read tarot cards plenty of times before) about how to find balance.

The lessons what I work with can range from 10 minutes to 45 minutes a day. Has anyone else been in this position before that can share what worked for you?

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Comment by White Willow on August 31, 2017 at 10:32pm

As part of an answer to this question, I was reading an article the other day titled Making Time for Magic. It was saying because of hectic life we have with work, school, kids, etc, our spirituality gets pushed to the bottom. The solution? Make a list of what you do in a day and see where your time is spent. Can you cut back hours on things that aren't as important and extra stuff? Finally, make a list of most important (which does include your spirituality), things you should do today, and then things that can wait until tomorrow. That is how you balance things out and still have time for your spiritual practice and studies. :D


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