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I am a Witch, I am not Wiccan. Now, what I am about to write about is not intended to insult or put down Wiccans in general; but to educate those who believe that Wicca is the only true path of Pagans. I don’t follow the Wiccan Rede, for I am not Wiccan. As a Witch, I follow the Olde Ways; as a Pagan, my deities are of the Ancient Greek Pantheon; the Wiccan Rede did not exist in ancient times, nor was it a concept in general. Not all Witches are Wiccan; they follow whatever path feels true to the individual. Not all Wiccans are Witches, as they may not have been born to the Craft, or have no desire to do spell crafting.

Wicca was founded by Gerald Gardner in the 1950’s and was a compilation of aspects from various faiths, and ideas of his own. Wicca is to Paganism, as Roman Catholic is to other words, Wicca is a sect, or as we pagans call it, a path, within a much larger circle. This is a spiritual part of a person, and deities are incorporated into all aspects of the path.

Witch, a person who practices the Old Ways of the Craft; whose being is entwined with nature in all aspects (mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically). Many are born to it, while others spend years of serious study. Being a witch is not dependent on belief of gods, goddesses, a God or a Goddess, so spellworkings and ritual does not necessarily requite the blessing(s) of a deity (ies).

If you’re currently in shock about what I’ve just written, please relax. Now, if you happen to believe that being Pagan means one is Wiccan, if you happen to believe that being a Witch means one is Wiccan; you need to stop reading certain authors (Silver Ravenwolf and Fiona Horne for example), and start expanding your knowledge base. By the way, all Pagan paths are not nature based either; studying up on Reconstructionism will teach that, but I digress. Basically, saying that all Pagans are Wiccan is like saying that all Christians are Roman Catholic; an incorrect assumption, since there are many sects in Christianity as there are many paths in Paganism.

So, why am I going on about this? Once again I have been told that my beliefs are wrong for they do not follow Wicca, or any of Wicca’s various paths. (Yes, Wicca has branches on its tree.) I have been informed that Wicca is the one true path, and any other so-called Pagan path is wrong. Excuse me, but isn’t that a very Christian thing to say? Explain to me how, these same people say they left their Christian faiths, for various reasons, and yet, now feel they have the right to dictate what other Pagans should believe in?

I wonder, again, could it be the authors they are reading? I have, on many an occasion, been asked if I am Pagan and on saying “Yes”, been responded back with, “Merry Meet, nice to meet a fellow Wiccan”. On explaining that I am not Wiccan, I see a confused look upon the face, and receive a, “Then how can you call yourself a Pagan?” deep sigh This usually happens in one of the major book chains, in the New Age section, filled with all manner of books on the various Pagan paths; and yet, all they know is Wicca?

Now I know many a Wiccan and we get along wonderfully. We don’t agree on every concept, but agree to disagree, for we understand that everyone is entitled to be different. Simple concept, right? Yet, is there something I do not understand; if so, and you are Wiccan, can you please help me out? Basically I’m asking, don’t immediately hate me for what I have written, but help me understand. However, if you’re going to tell me that my beliefs are wrong, and only Wiccan ones are right; perhaps you shouldn’t waste your time on me. I believe that’s an area I might remain dense in.

Nightly Blessings,
Lady Winter Wolf

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Comment by Sagemoon on November 16, 2009 at 2:38pm
I suspect a lot of people new to the path don't understand the difference. I'm glad you posted this to get the word out. Too bad more books, especially the popular ones, don't explain this concept.
Comment by Windcaller on November 16, 2009 at 6:21pm
Wicca is old english for "witch" which is what became of the shamans through the passage of time and the instatement of Catholicism (and christianity in general).... the shamans of old had a law like the rede... it was called "love"... love is the law and the bond....
Wicca today is ecclectic in nature.... hence it has many traditions... there is nothing that a witch of any dicipline does that a wiccan doesn't do (except sacrifice and harm others)....
If you really want to excell in witchcraft... you would make a life to master the 5 disciplines...
Holistic medicine

Wicca is a good start for many... but in many cases.. those with understanding will make the craft their own.
Comment by Dream on November 16, 2009 at 9:53pm
Lady, I am sorry that you have had to be subject to others who tell you are wrong. I agree with Sagemoon most do not know the difference. I grew up as Pagan with my father and my mother who was a Christian. What I loved about my father is he exposed me to many different forms of religion (my mother, my grandparents on both sides and his friends who were non-pagan), so that I could decide for myself what the best path was for me.

Later in life I studied Wicca and found I enjoyed that path as well and found I could meld both of my beliefs of both together. I do not believe in white or black magic, good or bad, but shades of gray ;) we are human after all. This works for me, but not for everyone. Don’t get me wrong I follow my oaths, however those oaths were already instilled in my by my Italian father. I am very much a tree, hugging, nature loving, and my heart is instilled deeply in our mother Earth.

My husband is Christian, knows that I am Pagan/Wicca, am part of a Coven and is just fine with it. I think what it really comes down to, is tolerance. It is not my place nor anyone else in my opinion to say anything to you about your own path, your own beliefs nor tell you that they way they believe is the ONLY WAY! Now, this just my opinion on the matter ;)

Bright blessings,
Dream V.
Gaia's Earth Emporium
Comment by stormwitch on November 24, 2009 at 12:05am
i'm also a pagan witch and follow the old ways of my celtic ancesters .blessed bee
Comment by Minnaloushe on June 22, 2011 at 6:32am

Lady Winter you said it perfectly.  I think most start out as Wiccan but once you GROW and if you really find your way one sees past the Fluffy Bunny and you find your path.  I was lucky I

found my path I am a Witch of the "Old Ways" and I am Heathen.  My Roots go back to what

is written on the Cave walls and In The Land which I have such strong ties to.

Comment by Wolfroe on July 30, 2012 at 9:25pm
I was looking on line for information.about being Pagan but not Wicca. This post brought me to this site. Thanks! Can you tell me of any books or sites that talk further about this? Almost everything is Wicca based. Thanks, again.
Comment by Erie on July 27, 2013 at 2:04pm

 I have been searching and searching and finally have found your website. I'm so glad I didnt give up  :)

Comment by Freya G on April 15, 2014 at 5:59pm

I too am a witch not wiccan, it takes years to realise this...but I do thank Gardner for going public with witchcraft, it did open the eyes of many would be pagans wiccan or otherwise. My grandmother was from the Basque country was she a witch I have no idea...never asked or had the inclination to ask. She died when I was 12. All I know is I was raised in a catholic family but nobldy went to church, unless it was for a relatives funeral. My mother never talked about religion. My dad well didn't know him. I practice alone and do what feels right to me. Thank you for posting this...I was beginning to think i was alone !


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