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I saw something strange today..I saw a soul leave its human bodysuit.

Image result for Westpac rescue helicopter lands in Paeroa

This is the Westpac rescue Helicopter on the Paeroa,Waikato,NZ helipad on the domain rugby field..

I saw something strange today I saw a soul leave its human bodysuit..

I saw a really strange thing and had a weird  death experience this day,it was Friday 23rd January 2016 at 3.57pm,...And I believe I saw the soul of a dying man leave his body, how I saw this by my own eyes I will explain below..

The actual picture that I took of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter as it was  taking off...

I was present when a Westpac rescue helicopter had just come into town from the Auckland Hospital to collect a sick human, I can not give any client patient information,as it's confidential & under the privacy act,however the St Johns Ambulance service brings  patients by ambulance to the open field just down the road behind the fire station in my town, where it can land while the ambulance paramedic's can stabilise the patient to be airlifted to the nearest hospital of medical care with the right choice for specific treatments.

Now I work for Te Korowai Hauora O Hauraki medical centre.. today as I'm standing watching and observing this procedure,as I had just been with this client when he became ill suddenly and had firstly what I thought was a seizure right in front of me,but it turned out it was a massive heart attack... as I was being signed off for my Level 4 Medicine & first aid Administration Clearance Certificate with a Home Care Co-Ordinator & Supervisor...

The supervisor called for a ambulance immediately and I had to watch everything unfold, it was rather scary to be right there at a medical emergency under these to cut a long story short,we followed & made it to the helicopter bay behind the ambulance with the patient and as I'm watching this helicopter sitting there on the landing pad with its rotor blades on slow turning mode as it had just landed..also it was ready to lift off at any time on the all clear call from medic's to what status my client was at,...they were trying to stabilise him he was hooked up to ECG machines & had been fibrillated as he was in heart attack erratic arrhythmia..

I took a few steps back as the blades were moving the dry recently mown grass around the pad & it was in whirl winds and was blowing in my eyes,...  I then could see the whole helicopter in my vision from it's rotors and its landing gear on the ground, while the St John Ambulance  medic's  staff were working on my client in the helicopter also, I looked up above the blades for a split second and the instant I did this I suddenly saw a glowing white light suddenly shoot right out the top of the helicopter into the air,it didn't just float out either it actually shot up real fast like a gave me a fright and my instant response was to jump,but also to step forwards towards the helicopter again to view my client,but then I realised this wasn't my place he was now in the hands of the paramedic's, I could see them doing electric paddle shock defibrillators on his chest,they were working hard...

I grabbed my supervisors arm and said loudly to her, its too late he's gone he's just passed away, he's not coming back either....I saw him leave,....she looked at me with a weird look on her face, and then back at the helicopter with the rescue team working on him, she then took my arm and moved me back away from the helicopters noises..she then said, "how do you know he's passed away what did you see Vlada",....

I  replied and said to her.. "I saw him leave, I'm so sorry if this sounds strange to you.. but I saw him leave he shot straight upwards above the helicopter".....she patted my arm and then after I said that she stood and waited as two of the paramedic's stepped out of the helicopter,and it then powered up and took off fast upwards...two paramedic's were still working on him as it took off...

I didnt know at the time but my supervisor asked the remaining two medic's returning to their ambulance if he had passed away,they nodded their heads, but one also added they would keep working on him still on the way to the hospital just in case he was revived on the way, and if not, then they would call it with Dr's present at the hospital as to time of death etc...

This supervisor and I then returned to her car in the car park,as we had followed the ambulance from the house to the helicopter landing pad,and I was shaking all over by then,uncontrollably...I felt really bad & also sad inside to,I actually had very mixed emotions I didn't know how to control...but once there she turned to me and said ...

"Amazing what you saw,shaking her head, [cos she knew I wasn't making it up shed just confirmed the mans time of death with the paramedic's in the ambulance]..let alone that you really did see him leave Vlada,I know you did,its just not every day you can confirm peoples sightings of the soul leaving the body but I just did" ...

Related image

I nodded my head and said "yes I did,it was beautiful though to see,he glowed all white and also other colours inside this glowing light ball kinda like tinsel on a Christmas tree as he rose upwards fast,and it didn't look like the shape of a body either,see that is a fallacy now confirmed, it was just all light in a ball with a line of light below it as it was going straight upwards and then it just vanished.

 She nodded and said she believed me.. as I would not have known at the exact time that he had passed to say to her that I saw him leave, especially before the Medic's confirmed back to her of his passing as they were still working on him to at the time as I said earlier....

Anyway his soul looked very similar to this image above to give some idea of how he went straight up like these light orbs are doing,these are real souls without human bodies ......


Below are videos of other peoples experiences and the photography of souls after death...

Warning this first video may disturb some people,but this is how I saw the mans soul leave also..

other Interesting video's

Two Sisters Saw Mother Soul When She Died: Dr Morse Presents

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Comment by Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። on August 26, 2018 at 5:49am

Thank-you for your thoughts on it Who,I love to receive feedback,..Yes it was a experience I still find hard to fully comprehend to be honest,but I accept that's natural as obviously we never see the whole picture completely and the answer to the views about death is always via direct experience even the most emotional states within a soul trauma are relative like this one was for me...and one thing I learnt was we have no physical control over it..

I felt it mostly hit me hard in my solar plexus,as that is the souls power centre where our body extends out into existence through our ideas of thoughts in consciousness,our beliefs and our heads reality plans,even goals for the future etc,plus its the home of our adrenal glands,of fight n flight modes and of the emotional responses that result when these experiences in our reality set up an interference pattern within our reality,moreso when least expected.. as in this situation..define life in any way you want and it still escapes your definition,you can also embrace the unknowable,operate without an agenda or goal simple live and for the first time know what a radiant presence means when you've witnessed something that cant be put into words nor how it happens aye..admit-tingly I dont wish to be put in that situation again it wasn't pleasant for me to witness,my heart space was so wide open.. it actually made me feel rather ill,we humans are so insignificant in the scale of whats beyond us all..

Yet we humans dont understand about this thing called life, let alone about death..I learnt so much in that fleeting moment seeing the mans soul take flight like that, I was mesmerized into a vision state afterwards when I got back home,where information felt like it was being downloaded into my brain from nowhere,as my thoughts raced,things like.. of that the future is rarely more than transposed memory, people cannot conceive of a new future direction directly,..for it is not in their memory,and therefore from a certain point on a wheel of life, breathing its circles continuously like a recurrent dream, reality here is but within that dream, nothing is real even though we think it is...the paradox is only in our personal perception of it all while we live here..and each persons perception is so different...

Image result for soul travel


Comment by SunTiger on August 29, 2018 at 8:38pm

This is a very fascinating read. I've never thought of a soul shooting "up real fast like a rocket" before. I always thought the soul just floated out. Since I was with my daughter when she saw the soul of a canary leave it's body and enter another wild bird, I will have to ask her how fast the soul left in that scenario. Very peculiar. Cool you saw it. 

Comment by Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። on August 29, 2018 at 9:51pm

Yes it was kinda like how a person shoots a paper a ball with a rubber band.,that's the only way I can explain how I saw it go real fast..I mean there were no sparks like a rocket would have behind's a NZfigure of speech or terminology we use over here..but I found this video below that shows a ufo shooting up from a building in the same manner..

Comment by jann jones on September 4, 2018 at 2:09am

The mouse leaving the body,... wow.. just.. wow! My sister is a CNA, and has seen Death himself(?) many times, among other things. I had a beautiful experience years ago, when my best friend finally passed from cancer, I was awakened from a very deep sleep, sat straight up in bed, and had the most wonderful feeling of warmth and love hugging my soul, in my head, I heard her say, 'bye, Jannie, I love you'.. then the feeling was gone. I looked out the window beside my feet, said, 'bye, Leenie, I love you', and heard plain as day her giggle. She was gone. Her husband told the apt bldg where I lived, she was asst mgr, that she went at 6.40 am.. she was with me at 6.17 am. I looked at the clock. And I was more sensitive emotionally as my heartwife had passed suddenly from a massive heart attack almost two months prior. I see Colleen when I visit the Other Side in my sleep, among others I have sent to the Other Side, and miss em all.

Comment by Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። on September 4, 2018 at 2:49am

Ahh thank-you for sharing your amazing personal experience about your friends passing Jann,she sounds like she was a wonderful soul...yes that mouse video is amazing isnt it and has had so many people thinking the same woah.. I now know beyond a doubt that death is but just a transformational process,its not the end of the soul itself,the soul is immortal,but the body or avatar suit that holds it cant live anymore...What gets to everyone though is the huge question of why is there a part of our subconscious that seems to be edgy or paranoid when it comes to encounters from outside this planets normal reality? as to me its all so very intriguing...I'm always interested in seeking information from other realms of reality. 

Comment by Spiritual Cosmic Embrace on September 9, 2018 at 7:23pm

that is amazing. You saw that which very few ever see.

THe animating LIFE FORCE that we are ? returning to it's SOURCE (source Energy)

 nice!~! how blessed are you for getting to experienceTHAT?

if you want to know the rest? listen to Sri Mooji on youtube or Robert Adams 

who as a student of Ramana Maharshi. THey explain all the rest, I can give you a hint.

even the tinyiest, smallest drop of golden sunlight? is also the SUN, (its source) even

the smallest drop of ocean water? (even if flung from a wave, and think's itself simply a drop?

is also, the ENTIRE OCEAN (in a drop). after the wave is over? goes back to being what? the OCean. And so are we, ENERGY, NAMASTE!!!!! thanks for sharing your beautiful experience .

Comment by Spiritual Cosmic Embrace on September 9, 2018 at 7:24pm

its not that we HAVE a life ? we and nature ARE LIFE.

Comment by Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። on September 10, 2018 at 4:12am

Yes I hear what your saying and yet I think that me having the birth given gift of Synesthesia had a huge lot to do with me seeing the mans soul leave his body like that, & that I was emotionally connected with the client personally also played a huge part also...but I'm sure other people have witnessed & experienced something similar in their own perception of it even without synesthesia, just from being connected to the all of this universe has to offer,because to perceive something you must enter the level of reality in which the perception is being created,thus you are influencing what you perceive to a certain degree.Therefore you may also be creating what you want as well as what you dont want... Lets face it..

I've always wondered in a humans life time 'What part of ones being is essentially pure and impregnable all the time'?  'Who is the final arbiter of your own human experiences'?  'What are you consecrating your life to'?  And lastly 'Where does your sense of the universe finally rest in your awareness'?

I can tell you this much from my own personal past life experiences that this planets very nature the dynamics of it is a unified focus at the highest possible quality of soul consciousness creates actually a force field that transcends the issues of any individual human concern, it is a higher level than this which is evolved with a maturing sense of non-duality, its beyond time and space [linear or even Einsteinian] and crucial to this is a growing sense of unbelievable intensity not even a human can describe it, nor put it into any descriptive wording, this is probably what you called the 'Source Energy'. And yet this is spoken all from a man who dosn't believe in any religion, nor any untruths of a deity,God or anything otherwise.. other than all from his own higher-self souls past paths,lifetimes & human soul growth experiences.

Comment by Gilfur Ashardi on September 10, 2018 at 11:16pm

“...maturing sense of non-duality...”  



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