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I learn by doing. Let me take it apart so I can figure it out again. Point being though it is difficult in our religion to find teachers that can really give you the experience you may be wanting.


I am happy in my religion but I want to learn more about Native American Belief Systems, my great grandmother was Indian, Waccamaw to be exact. I've always been drawn to Native American ways since I was a kid, actually it started before my interest in Egypt. For some reason I've had this nagging feeling to start researching and learning about the culture and way of life. I've always wanted to go on a spirit quest/vision quest and things of that nature.


My problem is that I don't really know how to go about finding a tribe to learn from around here. I definitely want to learn from an actual tribe because so much of Indian culture is verbal and passed down from generation to generation. I have contacted the Waccamaw Tribe that my Great Grandmother was a member to but I never got a response to them.... I don't know if they are still active or what the case may be.


Anyway if you guys have any ideas on how to get involved with Tribes let me know please.

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