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I'm Officially A Tree Huggin' Druid.

I joined the ADF this past week after a very powerful Shamanic journey into the Otherworld/Underworld where I met a Druid priest who led me to the Green Man/King of Forest and Animals/etc. We had a heart to heart, and I took the final steps to devoting myself to the Druid path. Finally. After dancing around it since I was 18 years old. I'm very excited, can't wait to begin the Dedicant course! :D

Just because I'm a Druid, doesn't mean I will cease practicing Shamnism (which I've began to explore and develop with dedication as well), or the Native American traditions I learned as a child from Mohawk Elders. Plus I'm exploring more about the Fairy Traditions (naturally LOL). I think they all blend together perfectly, so long as I recognize what belongs where and to what culture.

So far I've met with my Power Animal and we've formed an intimate, beautiful bond. A few nights ago I met my Upperworld guardians/guides, which turned out to be the Norse God Thor and his father Odin. That was a shock. Totally didn't expect to meet them up there at ALL. But I trust they are perfectly right for me...They were the ones who chose me, after all, not vise versa. It makes sense.

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