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The circle was cast, the Goddess and God were invoked, and the candles blazed through the night.  Imbolc came like a bright star in the winter chill and you’ve rested from your vigil.  What now?  Are you one of those Pagans who celebrate the Sabbat and forget about it until next time?  There’s so much more to do between circles…so many activities bring the energy of the Sabbat into your home and your life!


Some Imbolc Activities to Honor the Spirit of the Sabbat:

  1.  Spring cleaning:  Back in the day, this was not only the time when ewes’ milk became available as the winter stores waned (milk and cheese…yay!), it was a time when the deep, death bringing cold began to wane and a few warm days popped up.  This was the time to briefly air out the houses on the warmest days, bringing fresh air into homes.  It was also a time to clean the house.  To wipe the soot of the fire from the mantle was an act of relief and reverence.  Spring is coming as it has always come.
  2. Recombining candles:  The candle stubs abound after a year of worship and lighting our homes.  Wax is a valuable commodity and isn’t to be thrown away.  Take the time now to recombine your candle wax and make use of this wondrous substance instead of wasting it.  Purchase wicks at the craft store or learn to make them.  Learn how to weight the wicks in candle forms or use the ancient technique of candle dipping.
  3. Cleaning ritual tools:  This is a time of “spiritual rebooting,” if you will.  This is a time to inspect your ritual tools and the places in which you keep them.  Polish silver, wash everything, clear out empty incense and candle wrappers from drawers and boxes.  Wash your altar cloths, heat snuffers and holders in a slow oven to remove beeswax, and clear salt residue from water dishes.

The spirit of Imbolc is upon us.  The ritual is over, but there is work yet to be done, and it clears the way for the coming season.  Rejoice.  The green season follows.

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Comment by danny buyck on February 6, 2012 at 10:42pm

wow interesting.

Comment by Saladman on March 11, 2012 at 11:33pm

'tis still the season for a bit of storytelling as well. This last week or so, between now and the equinox is for the last of the stories that belong to winter nights, we are about to embark on the planting, so readying the plans for our gardens, take stock of our seeds and gifts, make sure our tools are in good repair and that the old chaff is ready to mulch long furrows after planting.


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