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In the write that is....

     Well, what's new with me???? Well, I'm in my 23rd week of my pregnancy...very exciting. And we just found out yesterday that we are blessed with a baby GIRL!!!!! Yay, everyone has been really excited. Going out and buying clothes. I picked out my Stoller/carseat combo today from Target. It's so cute!!!! Now I'm trying to pick out my crib bedding...i just dont know yet...

      I got to see my dad today...(I haven't seen him since September). He has a bad habit of coming into my life and being the greatest dad...and then....POOF! he takes off again. This time he surprised me by telling me that he had gotten remarried and now I have two step-brothers and a step-sister. Now, dont get me wrong...I'm glad he's happy and everything. But I also know that he treats her kids better than he treats us...I'll be surprised if I see him again before my baby is born. I can't help but get upset. I worry about him showing up and making my kids these great promises and then he's up and gone for almost a year. I know how it affects me and I worry about my children. I try to remain positive and let the past go, but how can I stop being afraid?


               Many Blessings to you all! Goddess Love!

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