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Olive oil is a staple in my house, namely because I do this a lot around Mabon because I am usually over run with herbs that need something done with them. So, what do I do? I pick my herbs and dry some of them them and make infused olive oils and vinegar with the others. But, although I can hold my own in the kitchen, I am not a connoisseur so while Guy Fieri can tell me that extra-virgin gives a dish that special ‘fruity’ flavor, I just have to believe him. But I do know, that homemade infused oils and vinegars are way better than store purchased.

I have found some perfect bottles for this project at Hobby Lobby and Michaels craft stores in pretty colors. And the bottles had cork stoppers!  Another idea is to purchase the glass vinegar dispensers at the Dollar Store and use them for the oils and vinegars.

Lammas and Mabon are the perfect times for infusing olive oil with all sorts of delicious ingredients, fresh from the garden (or at least the farmer’s market.) Rosemary is a popular one, along with basil and thyme. And you know thyme comes in lots of different flavors!

Infusing Olive Oil

If using, gently pound fresh herbs with a pestle to release the flavor. Place bruised herbs in a bottle and pour olive oil over them. Cork and place in a cool, dark place for two weeks or more. For a little more variety, try creating infused vinegars in the same way. These make a great Yule gift. Just tie a pretty ribbon on the neck of the bottle, label the contents and there you go!


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Comment by Farica_Eavan on August 21, 2014 at 11:47pm

Of all the things my sister and I have created, we have not done this! Now, I will definitely get started on it and I will post some pics. I have some great bottles with corks that should work well and plenty of rosemary, basil, and lemon thyme growing. Thanks for this awesome info. I love a new project.


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