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Polite conversation void subjectivity contradiction fundamental preoccupied counter reactions,erratic majestic tangible communication eternal arguments beyond understanding,cast lots dividing garments sneering saying save yourself that point we travel within a dream the chosen one invisible entity,thou shall not kill now it reads unless for consumption astral race resounding creatures life's fountain,prejudice evil peculiar genetic providence a stricken misinterpretation,ideas fashion suited oblivion sacred summit time's arrow point zero reflex screaming faith in humanity,generational satire celestial curtain a ancient weapon machine gun principals,infinite variation puerile competitions ego renditions spiritual boundaries touching the universal force the god within us,bone structures static field consumption gravity and friction,your dammed imagination the spirit exists bound by paradox fluxes as interpreted according makes up all existence once kept the earth turning now all is in ruins an invasion of territory woes pronounced their intolerance death monuments to adapt environments not to be worthy animal consumption is over population pestilence solution material emotions shielding instincts cry over whispering multiplications an enactment to think and ponder atoms spin decay a bridge ritual homage change settings canine battles elemental snapping recurring nightmare gate fear logic source opinion information science illusion point of light religion threading surgeons ye masters of creation a halo over manifested screaming mercy a ball miracle soul through the eye of a needle

prudential grandeur demise polarity nature system illumination one entity solar system mirrored sentiments placements clockwork observation,without the earth there be no sun dual polarity a crucible marine crossing ark angel, linguistic overtures abstract prophet a planet those that are psychic decipher margins familiar tidings building future horizons our ability to understand and learn garden of revelation terminal investigation situation idiocy pomp bombastic absolutes objection futile growling reactions frenetic losers Heisenburge hamburger related relish quantum thermal dynamics thundered pillars erratic specters intelligent monsters robotic imitation victim information a sin grande illusion star agent spectacle a witch insignificance a divine heretic, behold the light soul exists brain washed society commercial flavor oddity mars galaxy weak minded luxuries acting like zombies,

consider in the mystical imagining a shadow person who prays at full moon of fire,ancient drum beats primitive aspects psychological defects,at an early age living forms are metamorphic as personality indents through structural imagination hence fashions either they become one or another traits older that supernatural point of origin turned into a ego battle forgotten is the dream or miracle now considers hospital oracles after all staying patiently brainwashed into society a true pen pal was someone you wrote to with pen and ink about once a month sending gifts and just as a insight to another countries traditions and culture a kind of school hobby Facebook reminds me of a social club full of drunk arrogant people whatever web site i joined most people never follow the main subject so if i post something about depression on a depression web ite i got comments about what a loser i am or if i posted on a spiritual web site about miracles i got comments saying about being mental and ugly, gross form variations converging anomalies sphere expanse discoveries initial diameter growing older reconfiguring forever learning space fabric eventual process undergoes status stasis juries zero destinies misery asylum functioning living drift letting spectators subject influx calcium limestone bone crystals atmosphere sleep dearly departed in ink trespasses picture house priest warnings hysterical subdivisions cruel intentions actual possession demon definition generational purpose counterpoint absorption healer manifestation mortal anthems anchoring praying resting in limbo enchanting waiting struggling prophets laughing set to spellbound rebirth sharp sophistication hallowed animation symphonic superstition you guessed it realized another sunrise insect mesh wrapping replacements permitted incarnation to be alive as a human superficial question the rite a light right out of hibernation by an accident insect mutant bitter duration the wonder of reproduction a binary fusion stayed decayed story of creation a fracture answer two pieces talking to each other belief in the magnetic stream significant factors continents drifting disrupted by something from outer space a sudden impact or volcanic depression spirit intervention evolution was not gradual a reversal as if the planet ended just as it started a mystery department how oddities of history sudden catastrophe are a part of all our memories,prudential executives demented distinction an explanation war of attraction damnation traverse exaggeration dis-communication apparitions as if listening wishing suicidal tendencies transfixed a paradox inclination thus total oblivion indented coded recoiling factions hearts beating that energy executed body radio foundation reincarnation egg soul illumination a vessel,

ruins in a desert hollow limbo to follow woven fabrics of mortality half known paths we are all linked one system repetitive motion persecution interrogation object animation molded brick jungle a sphere we all must pass through,mists of dawn envelope forsaken land beneath shelters a halo wondering aimlessly target practice a charge ignites the forest sunlight gears usual maneuvers light streams down despair isolation inferior vulnerable indestructible defenses infection strange beasts dissolution a moment of confusion good against evil battles an ascending ladder of mind in motion towards rays of the sun then beyond a river of lines a deathly rime moving slowly within a cacophony of time space attuned atmosphere density alternating responding uninhabited a tree of thought multiplex assimilation concurrent friction causing aging fluctuations flight of fear freedom wonder theory subconscious no boundaries a distance differences upon a crest wave frequented species that were created via lightning sparks of ignorance fused crystal forms rumbling up a temple gate identity oneness a kindly energy within us whole awaken each passive generation turbine destruction of the solar system recognition first energy remembrances truths of existence balances physical bodies evolution power stations blistering inspiration shining motivation across stricken eagles tragic end spectrum color of dimension message from ancient wisdom the skies in another dimension when giants entwined at one feathering testing watching observing moon casting images intermingle an opening out of darkness transmitting a source seeps seeking staring charging specters languished understanding they reached for perfection to a superficial pedantic moronic ionic sacrament involvement multiplied static characteristic language a direct design shaded pattern through the night each face glows the flame meandering transforming configuring imaginary mountains a sunless garden personification the fundamental radiation dramatic bio repulsion

Into tributaries the entire nervous system eyebrow wafer bone plate brain from being wounded damage to wonder memory and imagination this story about a second sun acting out instruction ascending then beyond to the river of lines message from the skies turn style spell universal order clock work planetary movement dimensional fluxes past existences imagination distant solar systems reality is an illusion spinning infinity round as those characteristics of ancestral qualities shine through color and wisdom as definition formation a look of someone fascination physical manner stereotypical construction gravitational acceleration focused by the water,a basic framework uniformed solar system  cold stupor of dialogue a poison physical affliction cross frequency an army once there was a peasant sign the zodiac spider sign along streets forgot scenes of all the planet according seeing the future according to the ancients in accordant with the sun ,made up of all interpretations down to a street took to life drew in amazing colors,about the birth of all creation interwoven with the purist love,down the stream of dreams made up of all arguments why do you depict a war force of all evil pictured pestilence of an ancient song the guard the sun spider sign see something controlled the word of law,you in yor heart a sound of life banishing it forever more,all that you see will come true is including all the people this sound of life a prophecy, in spirit to the crystal blue mountains primary construction the moment to awaken stages of decimation broken sustained reflex animation a trail of ascent that is the ladder we as living forms gather part and part of how all that is finds illumination,all factors that make up binary circuits negative and positive responses,periods of time body cycles to how obscure it all is,with each full moon gravitational attraction causing pressure and friction thus so we weaken to elements setting all that exists sensitive to to decay and age,the general picture within all species effected by lunar affliction haunted cries death aspect apparition focused ancient horizon  objective observer to fields of honor there In motion point to reaction the spirits' wrath ascending screams of anguish stemmed in vision stagnant affliction magical re-union glistening conversation heaven sent collision absolute continuation a gate of delirium ecliptic reciprocal determinism stricken into definition evolutionary develop sacrament blood oath enactment a river eagle circling wings catching swirling rim dancing spins closer to dawn revealing realizing to stone moving dying turning rhyme of morning reminded cry of silence salvation shoe shine nursery boundaries splinters forever tear in lies within impression so story fear of nowhere playing feeding particular power understanding happenings shielded negatives relative conclusions interlocking conflicting falling a new judgement feared hospitals especially following fever symmetrical defects an appreciation visitor eventual horizon

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