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Inside the Mind of Ambroseth Baran: Vol. 1

This is a point in my life where everything is coming together and falling apart all at the same time. New opportunities present themselves while obstacles stand in their way with unerring resolve. It’s a bittersweet mixture of triumph and despair, which leaves me to wonder what path I will end up on, and how to navigate my way to my dreams. Variables are the only constant, and in order for me to achieve the life I so long for, I have to solve for X. Life is amorphic, but we have to take this amorphic mass and mold it into something solid, which concept many of us in this world are unable to grasp. This leads to hopelessness and the refusal to try again, and thus the magnitude of pain and the unbearable. But what many refuse to believe and see is that this pain can be harnessed and used to create focus… focus that enables us to break the nearly impenetrable walls that contain us inside the mundane. With focus we can break through anything and achieve the impossible. This is the very foundation, concept, and most importantly, purpose of magick.

-Ambroseth Baran

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