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1 - Making Sense?

2 - Differences Between Enchanted and Non-Enchanted Fae / Exus / Pomba-Giras
3 - Fae? The Real Thing
4 - Inspired By The Clair De Lune
5 - Fae-Blooded And The Weight Of The Crown





Most People that I do know, they seem to always question the lesser desirable events/things which are allowed to happen... I think we all have a tendency to do so because of our natural need "Make Sense" of whatever it is or it is not.

But sooner or later, we all find out and in no uncertain way, that we cannot do any real justice to our judgement calls, in fact, we cannot make any just, fair, intelligent, wise and reasonable judgement & qualification of Whatever / Whoever are "Allowed-To-Happen and To-Be, not from this ever-changing, tiny, limited, censored perspective of only One-Lifetime/Incarnation-At-A-Time PERCEPTION (awareness / consciousness).

Eternal and infinite Evolution will rise, raise the blindfolds off our eyes, off our minds as we become more and more Our Own Selves individually in order to fulfill our eternal and infinite part in the Collective Family of all Creation, of all that is allowed to be, to exist.
Yes, we all are connected.

The many lapses of reason, of wisdom which we experience, they teach us to evolve beyond our worst enemies. They are, either wilful Ignorance, or wilful Intellectual Dishonesty.

As we leave these two formidable enemies behind, we do Au-Natural release and undo all of our FEAR. Fear is the worst enemy of our natural Perception, Awareness and Consciousness!

It is always beautiful when we become ready to stare at "FOREVER" and free to actually see it as it really and truly is.

Merry Blessings to All,


Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon



I was asked about the main difference between Enchanted Fae (Elementals Encantados) and the Non-Enchanted Fae (Elementals Non-Encantados)...

The answer is quite simple, the Enchanted Fae - Faeries/Faeries, etc...
They have never been born into different Species as for instance - Human Beings.
By the way, Enchanted Elemental Kingdom is but only one level, one step, a mere stage in many of the evolutionary journey of the existence/life of being of/for such Nature.

The Non-Enchanted (Non-Encantado) type of Elementals, they have become Non-Enchanted for having been born into different Species and thereby in a different evolutionary journey of the life/existence of being of/for such Nature.
Exus and Pomba-giras are mostly Non-Enchanted Elementals, and most o of them, have been born as Enchanted Elementals before having been born outside of the Elemental Species.

Some of this Species - Human Beings - they have been originally of the Fae family, but after many incarnations into this Species, they have forgot their origins as Enchanted Elementals and they only consider their most difficult and recent lifetime and timezone as they embraced their status as Pomba-giras, as Exus, as Non-Enchanted Elementals working with Souls/Lights of other Species whose evolutionary journeys have brought them into the Flesh of the basic "Four Elements" (whose joint ventures with the souls/lights are solely for the sake of their mutually joint evolution) for the many cycles of birth, life, death and rebirth.

In a nutshell, Enchanted Elementals are Fae who have not yet been born outside their Species of Origin, of Primordial Birth, of Creation.

Human beings for instance, many have not been born primordially / originally in this Species.

But such information has been kept away from the soul by its own desire and need to surrender to its own infinite and eternal evolution which along the way, shall bring back the entirety of awareness of all lifetimes, including the origin of that light /soul and its first Species format.

There you have it.
It is simplistic but real and to the point, folks!

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon



Fae - Faeries / Fairies and Other Elementals from Other Realms such as Astral, Light, Dark Matter and an Infinite/Eternal variety of Other Realms, Time-zones and different forms of Existence.

Most of the time, in real time, in real life, it is all much different than what it is the BOOKS would like the people to believe, much different than what Hollywood & the Films would like for the people to believe.

When it comes to the Occult per-se, and the very virtues of real Magick which at times gets labelled as Miracles, and when it comes to equally also Other Non-Mainstream-oriented Paranormal Activities such as Manifestations, Materialisations, Time-Leaps, Time-Portals, Teleportation, Telepathy, Past-lives Regressions / Reincarnations, Seances, Communications, Communion and Awareness with the Other Realms.

It sort of takes all of the fun out of it for me, because for the mainstream entertainment purposes chiefly when one understands, knows and has experienced the REAL THING and way too many times to be fooled by the real fakers such as Hollywood / the Films and/or the mainstream pure rubbish, biased, greedy, fear-and-hatred-oriented, harmful and useless Religions and their Religious Anti-Human-Beings, Dualistic / Patristic / Misogynous / Warring / Murderer & Vengeful Mythologies.

The Real Thing is invariably quite different most of the time and one must feel it under one's own skin first and equally also one must know it inside of one's own soul in order to own it indeed and finally, to see beyond it and to understand its relevance, its individual and collective meaning and its reasons for being as it is. Nothing ever ever happens in vain or by accident, it was, it is and it has always been written in the Stars since the beginning of All.


Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon


(The Art/Music of dear Claude-Achille Debussy)

Ah so many lifetimes!
Many lives, the soul is eternal and infinite but for the sake of Evolution, we come kicking and screaming to these journeys from cradle to grave and we get entangled in the many, many "Belief and Language" of Others, their invented brand of values and ways of conduct and all...

We want to love but we we forget the basic fact that all and everything for each person, it starts, begins and commences with Oneself, first.

If we cannot find love, respect and happiness for our own selves, inside of ourselves individually, then how will we ever find any in order to offer to others?

Music takes us all for a promenade in the many wherries of the very borders of our own maximum awareness and perception.

A place where we may take a quantum jump beyond the ordinary/boring Safe-and-Tried of our collective and out in the untried/unknown of the lessons which we must learn to evolve beyond the mediocrity of our fears and either wilful ignorance or simply shameful/wilful intellectual dishonesty to our own selves.

There is always hope for the Mind who thinks beyond the many belief and language (associated values and ways of conduct), and out into the realm of new possibilities, new discoveries.

Because, if perfection lacks completion and completion lacks perfection, then there are so much more to be felt, to be known, to be said, to be done and to be lived.


Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon



The Weight of Seeing the ALL is huge but at once very lite when blessed by the Wings of Ancient Ones. Ah if only they knew the Presence of the Highest is everywhere, in us all and everything. Even in the lowest Umbral / Astral, it is there where it patiently awaits for sacred/eternal/infinite Evolution for/of all the children who will evolve, see and rise.

All Fae / ELEMENTALS / Exus & Pombas Giras, all Species, us all, we all evolve and eternal and infinite Evolution is our best gift and friend. - Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon

( I am the She/He who belong to the Goddess, I did come from the ancient times and only for Her! I serve no OTHER but the GODDESS! )


Sky of Padilha also known as Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon

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