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Interpretation of The High Priestess (Hanson-Roberts Deck)

This card looks rather peaceful and powerful to me.  When we think of the High Priestess, we think of a woman with power, knowledge, and has the key to the secrets held within us.  The key meanings of this card are: Wisdom. Sound judgment. Serene knowledge. Common sense. Serenity. Objectivity. Penetration. Foresight. Intuition. Comprehension. Perception. Self-reliance. Lack of emotion. Platonic relationships. Here is a woman, a larger woman, sitting on her throne with a scroll placed in her left hand laying on her lap, her face looks stern but calm, she wears a cross in the top of her outfit, she has the Triple Goddess sign placed as the crown on her turban, and the colors shown here are red, deep purple, white, green, an orange-yellow color, and blue.  This card here shows how it can be everything as she holds the key to these secrets we may have been searching for or trying to find. 

I see her as a an open-minded woman who seems to have tons of knowledge in the paths of life, in which is a smaller definition of the term "religion."  We don't necessarily have to have faith in a particular religion to hold the secrets within ourselves.  "Sometimes the answers are within ourselves if we look deeper."  This is what she is trying to tell me, at least.  Whatever path we follow, it is not hard to look within ourselves.  The knowledge we have has always been with us.  Some of us refuse to listen to it, some of us seem to have difficulty understanding it, and some of us seem to not want to pay attention to those secrets that can be of utter importance in our lives. 
She may not show any emotions, but she is sincere.  She is wanting us to understand the nature of life, the secrets of life, and whatever lies within our minds and hearts to go with it.  It doesn't matter what the other person is going to think of you because we are all different.  She is also an independent woman.  Meaning, we have to take care of ourselves in order to have a much more richer and happier life.  She is not saying it is about number one, but she is saying do what is right for us as individuals and not go along with whatever everyone else is doing or what anyone else says.  It is not for them to judge, as it is not for you to judge.  She is a woman with many friends from all walks of life.  She is open-minded and understanding to the person for whoever they are.  She has acceptance of that in which is why she carries so many friendships.  She is a person most come to in times of need,as far as guidance is concerned.  Many people think she has the answers to many questions one desperately tries to seek.  In some cases, this High Priestess doesn't have all the answers.  This is why she is stressing in this card to look deep within yourself for some of the answers to the questions you may have because not everyone has all the answers.  There are many ways you can look deep within yourself as she is telling you also.
I feel the colors and the symbols can represent this in the card.  Let's discuss the symbols.  We have a cross, the scroll (could be Torah or some other form of scroll), and a Triple Goddess sign located on the crown of her turban.  To look deep within ourselves, faith is the key.  A cross means resorting to the Christian God for answers, as they always say He has a plan for everyone by working in mysterious ways or showing signs, the scroll (or Torah) is suggesting to resort to Buddha, Mohammad, etc for answers to life's mysterious questions or questions within yourself, and the Triple Goddess is a suggestion to ask the Goddess for signs, answers, or some form of omen to lead us where we all want to go.  See, it all depends on the religious faith we have.  She is showing one way to look within ourselves.  The colors are another aspect.  Blue means serenity, truth, calmness, honesty, peace, kindness, emotional depth, and devotion.  This is where faith comes in, and she is wearing the blue.  Purple means intuition, imagination, universal flow, meditation, and artistic qualities.  That means get creative in going within yourself for that wisdom and answers.  You can do this through meditation, drawing, writing, coloring, etc.  Red means increasing energy physically, vitality, stamina, grounding, spontaneity, love, and passion.  Exercise like walking or aerobic dancing can also help you seek the answers, and it does help with the blues.  If you ever heard of the endorphin rush, it is the best feeling one can have because it makes you feel so great and stable.  Love and passion is a great asset to have because if we don't love, then not one is going to love us, and if we don't find out our passions or what we love to do, then we are going to sit there stuck and bored.  Since we are looking at an orange-yellow color the meanings combine.  It means to be happy and enjoy what you are doing.  It discusses creativity, optimism, personal power, intellect, emotional expression, and since these colors combine....well basically it said to me to be happy in what you are doing because the more happier and powerful you are going to be.  Green represents balance, communication, harmony, love, social, nature, and acceptance.  With all these colors involved, there are so many ways we can go deep within ourselves.  But, that one answer still stands.  Do whatever makes you happy, and that is where you will find your answers.  Choose your faith and find out what your maker will reveal to you. 
The High Priestess is giving you the options to tap in the powers we all have.  She seems rather disappointed that a whole lot of us don't go to that above level to seek them out.  She also seems rather disappointed how our faith has turned into an overspill. She is advising us to seek out this guidance within ourselves for the answers. 

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Comment by LaLuna Ravewn on July 28, 2016 at 8:55am

Good read I enjoyed this! Thank you!


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