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Interpretations of Ten of Pentacles (Hanson-Roberts Deck)

This is derived from the minor arcana section, which means these cards focus more on everyday life. As with the major arcana, they handle the bigger issues in our life's journey, or are the heart of the reading.  None are more important than the other, and they both are just as good.  I can give a quick lesson of the differences between the major and the minor arcana, but time is short.  Maybe another time, I can blog of the review of how to read the tarot cards.  Right now, I am just going with the flow and going to read them as is.  Based on my experience in life and by interpretation of the "textbook" meanings or the "book" meanings.

What I see here are ten pentacles above and surrounding a castle in the far background, and four people.  This is a great card.  In the books, it means prosperity, happy family, inheritance, etc., Here is an old man holding his grandchild, and there is a couple standing behind him looking happy and proud, and there is a dog on his lap as well.  Colors shown here are gold, reddish-orange, yellow, white, some purple, and a tan color (from the dog.)  I also see some pink in the clouds that stand above the castle as well.  In most cases, pentacles represents finances, environmental affairs, and it represents the sign of Earth. 
I look at a happy family who has it stable and made.  The old man shows love for his grandchild and dog, and the couple standing behind them look so happy and proud, as they are the next generation of the old man.  When this card is pulled, it shows a happy ending of all sorts.  A completion on to the next level or next chapter in life.  We can inherit many things, besides money.  We can inherit good intentions, wisdom, and so on.  The grandchild loves this old man as you can see it in his eyes when it looks up at him. Yes, I have to refer it to it because we are not sure if this child is a boy or a girl, but whatever the case, this child loves sitting on the old man's lap.  The dog is also a great lover of the old man, for it has been his companion for a while.  This old man worked very hard to get where he was at.  He worked hard at raising his family in the most correct way possible, he worked hard to own the castle he seems proud of, he worked hard to be the best grandparent to this child, and he worked hard as a father raising either the son or the daughter, whoever's father this may be.  It seemed to me this old man did everything he could and will do everything he can to make sure his family is taken care of, and to make sure all that he loves and worked hard for is up to par. 
I see a lot of happiness, love, respect, and honor in this card.  What came to end, is ending quite happily.  That means that whatever was worked on has been completed.  Now, this person can sit back and reap the benefits of all that he has worked hard for.  It feels like the old man is sitting there telling stories to the child of what it was like back for him in the day.  It looks like he paused to give his faithful companion, the dog, attention.  The child is looking up at him in awe and amazement, and you can see this child looks up to him.  This can represent the old man being a role model to the child, and perhaps...teaching him the ways things are done.  The couple looks so proud as it is their shining moment seeing one of their's father telling tales to the child, and seeing this old man, a father, spread his words of wisdom to the child.  See, we can inherit more than money.  We can inherit the wisdom that was passed down to us, and to spread it to the next generations to come.  It looks like a casual visit with the old man.  All that is wanted, all that is worked hard for, and all that has been has finally been mastered.  Now, it is just happiness to come. Everyone is happy.  Sometimes what we learn, is learned for the ancestors and people before us. The problem is a whole lot of us don't put it to good use.  If anything that was taught to you by your family is valuable, spread the word to the next generation because they can learn a great deal from it.

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