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Interpretations of The Tower (Hanson-Roberts Deck)

Welcome back to those who have read my Wheel of Fortune blog!!  I hope I can still grasp your attention along the way as I am now moving on to the next card I flipped two days ago, The Tower. Here, I am going to relay my interpretation of the card based on my personal experiences in my life journey, and relay to you the actual meanings.  As I have mentioned in the Wheel of Fortune blog, your interpretations of the card is your own. I like to reflect on them as much as those who want to learn do, and maybe your meaning will be totally different from mine.

When we get The Tower flipped as the card, it means sudden and unexpected change.  For some, there is panic when looking at this card because they automatically assume it is a bad card.  I don't find it to be true at all.  The image you see here is The Tower itself, which can represent the home of our hearts, minds, and souls.  It can also represent the situation you are in or the problem you seem to be having.  There are two figures jumping out of the tower to land to safety.  You can look at this as the fight or flight response.  What would you do if you see this electrical storm, as shown here as well, suddenly comes knocking at your door or in your life , and you are in danger?  You are going to do the first thing that comes to mind, save yourself!!  Well, when situations or problems occur that are more than likely to cause us harm, we jump out or leave the situation.  As what these two people did.  Of course, depending on where and how they land there will be some hurting.  That doesn't mean they won't survive.  That just means they are going to need time to heal from those or that particular wound, but they will bounce back on their feet and start again.  When a storm hits us, there is always debris that needs cleared and cleaned up.  And, again, we start over.  The colors represented here are black, deep purple, midnight blue, and red.  Some colors are more dominant than others like the midnight blue and purple.  I forgot to add green to that as well. 

In my interpretation, the electrical storm was a warning from my inner guide or higher self that I was in harm's way and had to get out.  I refused to listen.  They presented me this electrical storm to where I had no choice but to flee from the situation I was in, in my life.  As I landed, I was deeply hurt, bruised, and broken.  I am now recovering from that fight or flight response, so to speak.  The colors that are dominant, midnight blue and purple are showing me that we all have dark days, dark times in our lives.  These dark times are soon to clear from the purple shown here because purple (as I mentioned in Wheel of Fortune) means intuition and guidance.  That means I am going to be wiser for the aware, and when something does not feel right, and when something I feel will harm me, the best thing to do is leave it.  Some things are just not meant for us, no matter how much we want to hang on to it.  We have to sometimes get hurt, we have to sometimes live through the darkness and the storms to come out with light and be light from the other side.  Yes, I am healing and healing well to be exact, but I know I will bounce again and be that person I always wanted to be and once was.  The Tower was representing my life and the situations I was in.  The electrical storm was a warning or an event that occurred that left me no choice but to leave and save myself.  How we land can depend on the situation we were in.  Some situations we are in tend to be dangerous, harmful, and hurtful.  It always leads to self-destruction.  At least, we are saved from that bad event or storm.  It warns us to get out of the situation or there will be harm caused or serious consequences.

So, when you flip The Tower, don't panic.  See it as a warning to leave the situation or change it.  If you don't and refuse to listen to that guidance, hunch, impression, etc., that electrical storm is going to come, and you will have no choice but to leave the situation.  It always is going to be hurtful, and that is why we refuse to listen to that reasoning, but that hurt will pass.  You will heal, and you will be back to the way you once were or wanted to be, etc., See this card as a warning or you will have to face this.  Either change it or leave from the situation that is doing nothing but harming you.  You can interpret this in many ways as possible depending upon you, but this was my interpretation of The Tower.  Let's hope when you flip this card, you see the warning and listen to that inner guide of yours.  If you don't, then that electrical storm will strike.

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