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Interpretations of Wheel of Fortune (Hanson-Roberts Deck)

There is a sphinx in the center displaying a wheel with a snake on the left and a wolf on the right. Below the wheel and the sphinx, is a bull and a lion that lounges around on the clouds.  Above the wheel and the sphinx, is an angel and an eagle.  Wheel of Fortune usually means luck, destiny, and fate related issues.  That is what most of the books will tell you. But, if you let intuition speak to you, this card can say many things.  I am going to do my best here to stick with the actual book meaning of this card.  I am also going to do reflect on this card as I see what best fits based on my personal experience.

As I just mentioned, Wheel of Fortune most likely is interpreted as fate, destiny, and luck.  It is very true by looking at the wheel and all the options that face before us in this card.  I drew this card three days ago as a reflection of what it was I needed to know.  This is my interpretation.  (Whether or not you have a question, a situation, or a problem that you want solved...take a look at this card and follow your intuition of what it tells you.)

The snake is my Chinese astrology sign, and the wolf...well as in some forms of astrology it can represent my sign, in which I am a Pisces.  Also, the wolf can be your animal totem or spirit guide.  Between these two is the zodiac wheel, in which I call this the wheel of life.  Snakes can also mean temptation, and the wolf can mean trying to fight the temptation or being protected from the temptations that threaten or cause problems in our life.  In my case, this is me in the middle with this wheel in the middle.  Me and the wheel of life.  The sphinx is an Egyptian archetype, and it told me that either a God or Goddess of the Egyptian path is trying to contact me.  Or, this could be the message from that Egyptian God or Goddess itself.  It can also be your higher power or inner guide.  Here I have me and my wheel of life.

Now, let's look below the card.  I seen the bull and the lion.  As for you, it can mean many things.  For me, the bull represents the Western Astrological sign Taurus, the bull.  The lion on the right represents in Western Astrology, Leo.  In my past these two people were in my life that is below me. They were the past that seemed to lead me down the path below where I was in the middle, in between, and it seems there was control, dominance, and being above.  In my life, that does not fit my lifestyle or myself.  So, I left that because these people were not for me.  It doesn't mean you think any less of them, and it does not mean they hold a special place in your heart.  What it does mean is that they are below me now, and they were the cause of why I was in such conflict with myself.  However, that conflict of mine was long sitting there before these two came into my life.  In a way, I have to thank them for all this.  I have to thank them for making me see that my life was very messed up, I was not happy, and their personality did not fit my way of life.  They sit below the clouds for many reasons.  They sit there because they refuse to change some of the attitudes of their personality to make them fly above in their lives.  That is not my fault.  They want to make it your fault, but these two have to change their attitudes before moving up and being better people or make themselves better because that is why they sit below on the clouds and not above.  People like these can conflict our lives, strip our freedom, and hold us prisoner to ourselves and surroundings.  It is because they refuse to change these attitudes is why they are sitting in the below section of the clouds. They will not have a chance to move up if they refuse to change the attitudes in their personalities.  As for me, I put that below me because as I am in the middle I had to make the choice to change my path, change my destiny, change my luck, and change my future.  Of course when we leave a situation, we are in the middle because we are working on ourselves, getting to know ourselves, and be ready for the better things to come.  So, the bull and the lion can be interpreted any way you want it to be.  But, in my interpretation, that is what it was telling me.

Now, let's look above.  I see the angel and the eagle.  The angel can represent somebody who saved you in a way or helped you through a situation that no longer serves a purpose.  The eagle represents freedom, and it has wings where you can fly on to the next chapter in your life.  The angel, on my end, was someone who saved me from myself.  This angel listened to every word I have said, and this angel knew what I wanted and made sure these needs are being met.  The eagle can represent another person.  In my view that is what the eagle is representing.  This eagle is a free-spirit, full of wisdom, and likes to fly.  Not saying this eagle is the wild type, but is very spiritually open and free.  These are the influences that forced me to make the decision to get off below the clouds where the bull and lion lay, and get on to something better.  These influences were people who held a mirror to my face and showed me what love, respect, and wisdom is all about, and these influences showed me how to be good, how to love and not hate, and how to let go of all the things that weighed me down to that freedom personality I have had.

I didn't mention the colors.  I saw yellow, purple, and pink.  These are very good colors.  Yellow represents health and vitality, as pink represents true love and friendship.  Purple is intuition and guidance.  These colors have all shown on here to show me that I have all these things.  Life can be as beautiful or as stormy as we want it to be.  This is also about choices.  I made a choice to do better in my life, and when we make choices the common solution is always because we know we deserve better.  If I would of stayed below the clouds with the bull and the lion, I would be just like them but only worse.  I would have had bad luck, no destiny or hope, no future, and my fate would never change. 

Wheel of Fortune does mean these things, but you can create a story on your life based on the situation, problem, or question you have.  When you flip this card, look at it deeply and see what it tells you.  These are all the things they told me.  I tried my best to stick with the actual meaning of the card, but sometimes we have to let intuition be our guides.  That is the whole purpose of reading the tarot, right

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