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So here I am, the new girl again. I have moved around the country a lot, and even online, have experienced different social media sites (including the now-extinct Covenspace), so being the "new girl" is a familiar feeling. Let me take this chance to introduce myself.

I am a Celtic Pagan living in Hawaii. I was previously Wiccan for several years, but did not practice for a long time due to doubting my own beliefs. I moved to Hawaii about 4 years ago and after some soul-searching, returned to my True Path. However, I still felt as if I was trying to "fit" back into Wicca. I happened to read an article on the differences between "Wiccan" and "Pagan," and realized that I seemed to fit more into the latter category. After more research, I realized that my current beliefs are more in line with Celtic Paganism than Wicca. It seemed that the Path that gave me guidance during my college years was no longer valid in my life. As I had grown, my faith had matured. (As a Wiccan, I had been inundated with new knowledge in many different directions. I hadn't really pinned down a specific path.) As of April 2017, I have dedicated myself to the Celtic Pagan path, with a focus on Celtic Ireland. I intend to stick to a year and a day of study, training, and practice, due to both my long absence and my new path.

I am also a writer, considering a new career (at least on the side) as a freelance writer. I've decided to incorporate that into my studies, by posting articles that pertain to my current topic of study. Many of my posts are likely to center on the mythology, history, and culture of ancient Ireland, combining my two passions: writing and history.

I look forward to meeting like-minded people here. Sometimes being a solitary Pagan can be quite lonely. Hopefully, we can enhance each other's knowledge and faith.

Blessed Be!

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Comment by Enigma on May 14, 2017 at 11:52pm

Thank you for the nice introduction.


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