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I can't remember anything from my childhood up to about 8 years old... and then I only have a few memories from then until the "big move" that my family took North which is where I was located until I got out on my own.


What I want to know is if this is normal? I was under the impression that most people remembered things at age three and up. I have three memories that always bug me, I've talked about them one other time to someone and they told me I was over reacting and nothing bad really happened... but itsn't that subjective? What I perceive as bad isn't your bad and what I see as detrimental you may not. 


Any advice? I can't afford a therapist so that is kind of out of the question but I want to unlock this part of my memories to help get over some other emotional blocks I have, I think by remembering I'll be able to heal and get over these emotional blocks I have now.

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Comment by Lady Angelfire on June 16, 2011 at 4:28pm
Have you tried meditation?  It might take a while to get to that stage though.  I meditate most days and have been doing meditation for many years.  I find that it helps to unlock a lot of things you repressed.


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